Professional Diploma in Leadership

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Course Overview

Leadership is a practical skill which is very important to reach a specific goal. Without an efficient leader, a company cannot be able to grow their business correctly. The Professional Diploma in Leadership course is designed for the people who are working as a general a manager or want to improve their leadership quality to boost their career.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to lead a group or organisation according to the motto of that company. You will learn how to face the leadership challenges such as choosing the right leadership strategy or making leadership plan. Apart from these, the course also presents the history of women's involvement in the workplace, feedback techniques, etc.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested.



Course content



  • About the Learning Organization
  • Achieving Personal Mastery
  • Analyzing Our Mental Models
  • Achieving a Shared Vision
  • Team Learning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Five Practices
  • Building Trust
  • Managing Change
  • The Four Room Apartment
  • Time Management Tips and Tricks
  • Managers vs. Leaders
  • Types of Thinking
  • Influence Strategies
  • Managing Relationships
  • Strategic Planning
  • Doing Delegation Right
  • Criteria for Useful Feedback
  • Feedback Techniques
  • Mastering Your Body Language
  • Meeting Management
  • Pumping up a Presentation


  • What's Your Type? How About Mine?
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Manage Your Time and Your Energy
  • Employee Development Models
  • Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Issues
  • What Successful Leaders Do


  • What's In A Word?
  • Fundamental Elements
  • The Four-I Model of Organizational Conversation
  • The Conversational Leadership Framework
  • World Cafe


  • What is Self-Leadership?
  • Knowing Who You Are
  • Knowing What You Do
  • Motivation for Optimists
  • Using What You Know


  • Women and the Workforce
  • Barriers and Benefits to Women's Leadership
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Developing Leadership Awareness and Brand
  • Leadership Skills
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Creating Your Workplace Philosophy

Mock Exam:

  • Mock Exam - Professional Diploma in Leadership

Final Exam:

  • Final Exam - Professional Diploma in Leadership

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