R Programming - Certification Training

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Course Overview

R is a programming language and environment used for statistical computing, graphics and data analytics. R is simple and well-developed programming which includes, condition, loops, user-defined recursive function, input & output facilities, data handling, storage facility, etc. R is one of the widely used programming languages and supported by world’s data scientist, as it provides operators for calculating arrays, list and vectors. It provides tools and graphical facility for data analysis and its display. R is widely used by researcher, marketer and data analyst to retrieve, analyse and visualise the data.

Course content

Fundamentals of R Language · Introduction to R · History of R · Why R programming Language · Comparison between R and Python · Application of R Setup of R Language · Local Environment setup · Installing R on Windows · Installing R on Linux · RStudio · What is Rstudio? · Installation of Rstudio · First Program - Hello World Variables and Data Types · Variables in R · Declaration of variable · Variable assignment · Finding variable · Data types in R · Data type conversion · R programs for Variables and Data types in Rstudio Input-Output Features in R · scan() function · readline() function · paste() function · paste0() function · cat() function · R Programs for implementing these functions in Rstudio Operators in R · Arithmetic Operators · Relational Operators · Logical Operators · Assignment Operators · Miscellaneous Operators · R Programs to perform various operations using operators in Rstudio

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