Safeguarding Children Level 2

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Course Overview

Professionals who work with children and their families are required to have a sound knowledge of the ways that young people could be putting themselves at risk of harm, exploitation and abuse. This advanced Safeguarding Children Level 2 Course covers key topics in-depth, such as reporting concerns, familiarising with safeguarding procedures and identifying the different forms of abuse.

Whether you're a teacher, childminder, after school club assistant or paediatrician, our expert course material will provide you with the training to understand how to recognise signs of abuse and the different levels of abuse. Through videos and digestible course material, you'll come away with the knowledge of how to react to situations of neglect or abuse professionally and in compliance with the Children Act 1989.

On successful completion you'll receive an accredited qualification which you can obtain online and download at your convenience. This course is accessible from any device, so you can study at home or on-the-go.

Who should take this course

Who should take the course:

Everyone involving in touch with or under the responsibility to care of a child should take part in the course. The training module is aimed for those working regularly with children and their families, part-time or full-time staffs, people on the leading positions at childcare organizations are the ideal audience for this course.

This is an advanced level course and therefore by default is likely to boost your existing knowledge on the safeguarding children.


Accredited by CPD

Course content

Course Curriculum:

Safeguarding Children Level 2

  • Module 01: Welcome to the Course
  • Module 02: The Safeguarding Structure
  • Module 03: Identifying Abuse
  • Module 04: Recognising Risks
  • Module 05: Reporting Your Concerns
  • Module 06: What Happens After A Referral

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