SAP Accounts Payable (basic to advanced)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

SAP Accounts Payable is an integral part of both Financial Accounting and Materials management purchasing. This FI-AP application manages the vendors, their deliveries, the invoices, the payables and their payments. With Cash Management you can use Accounts Payable in SAP to plan and optimize the liquidity with invoice information. This is because it is designed to support all standard payment methods like checks and Bank transfers.You can also make outgoing payments manually or through an automatic payment program (APP). The FI-GL is always updated with the postings made in FI-AP. You can easily and effectively manage the payables with the many vendor evaluations available in the form of reports and tools.

To make a career as an SAP Accounts Payable (A/P) analyst, you need to learn the basic applicable functions and transactions in SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI). In this Accounts Payable training course, you will learn how to post payments as well as run A/P financial reports. This training is essential for Accountants, Managers, and Analysts in companies that run SAP.

Who should take this course

Anyone who wants to advance their career in the field of finance.

Career options after graduation

Accounts Officer (SAP) Manager/Senior Manager- Accounts Payable Lead SAP FICO Consultant SAP FI Accounts Payable Role



Course content

  1. Create vendor master record

  2. Change/Display vendor master record

  3. Change vendor with confirmation

  4. Block/Unblock vendor

  5. Display changes

  6. Post vendor invoice

  7. Display document

  8. Display account balance/line items

  9. Post outgoing payment with automatic clearing

  10. Post outgoing payment with minor variance

  11. Post outgoing payment and print check

  12. Payment run

  13. Void check

  14. Vendor Information System

  15. Vendor Balances

  16. Vendor List & Address List

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