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Ever dreamed of writing your very own screenplay or seen a film at your local mutliplex and told yourself you could have done better? Now you can.

If you’re not sure how to get started – or how to transform your budding ideas into a full-length screenplay, Michael Rogan’s Screenwriting 101 is the perfect place to begin. Using his Movie Idea Creator course, you can unearth a kick-ass movie idea in as little as 7 days.

Who should take this course

People with an interest or background in screenwriting Folks who WANT to write a screenplay but don’t know WHAT to write Not for those who’ve already written 5 and have J.J Abram’s number! You won’t need it

Course content

Part 1 – The Foundation of Non-Sucky Stories

Day1: What Every Story is Really, Really, Really About

Part 2 – How To Find a Movie Idea That Doesn’t Suck

Day 2: 3 Steps to Movie Idea Awesomeness

Day 3: Movie Idea Brainstorming on Steroids

Part 3 – Heroes and Villains and Non-Sucky Mentors…Oh My!

Day 4: How to Find A Non-Sucky Hero

Day 5: Zen and the Art of the Perfect Bad Guy

Part 4 – Story Structure in Seven Simple Steps

Day 6: Story Structure in 7 Simple Steps

Day 7: The Final key to Story Structure Awesomeness

Part 5 – Bonus

(Bonus) Turning Your Idea Into Actual Written Pages

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