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Course Overview

SQL Server 2014 introduces in-memory tables and stored procedures. This SQL Programming Beginner is designed for developers new to SQL Server and planning to create and deploy applications against Microsofts market-leading database system for the Windows platform. Through the course, you'll learn to create tables and indexes, and be introduced to best practices for securing your valuable data. You'll learn design tradeoffs and find out how to make sound decisions resulting in scalable databases and maintainable code. This course is enhanced to cover the very latest developments in SQL Server, including the in-memory features that are introduced in SQL Server 2014. In addition to that, learn to create constraints and views in the most dynamic way possible.

By the end of the book, you'll be able to design and create solid and reliable database solutions using SQL Server.

Who should take this course

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Course content

Module: 01:

  • Introduction FREE
  • Tools for Creating Views
  • Examples
  • Updating Data Using a View
  • Columns and Indexed Views

Module: 02:

  • Introduction Stored Procedures
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Returning Data

Module: 03:

  • Testing and Debugging
  • Execute with Result Sets
  • Creating Triggers

  • Module: 04:

  • Overview and Scalar Functions

  • Inline Table Valued Functions
  • Multi Statement
  • Views and Stored Procedures

Module: 05:

  • Transaction Concepts
  • Applications and Transactions
  • Creating Explicit Transactions
  • Structured Error Handling

Module: 06:

  • Introduction to SQL CLR
  • Writing SQL CLR Code
  • Using SQL CLR Code
  • SQL CLR Code
  • SQL CLR Security

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