The Complete Relationships Coaching Masterclass

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Course Overview

Do you want to get more out of your relationships? Kain Ramsay’s relationship coaching is not about thinking positively or complicated theories, it is rather practical and actionable insights that will help you every day.

Relationships are the networks by which we live our lives. In modern society we are utterly dependent on the other people around us, and we have to interact with them each and every day. Your quality of life depends on the quality of your relationships, not just with your partner and family, but with everyone you meet and everyone you are yet to meet.

This course provides actionable insights that could transform your relationships with other people. From setting benchmarks and expectations to laying groundwork and differentiating between different types of feeling, the Complete Relationships Coaching Masterclass truly covers all you need to know.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who spends a lot of their life dealing with other people
  • People who have just entered or left romantic relationships and want to understand them better.
  • Couples and families who want to get along
  • Professionals in sales or other sectors who need to understand what makes people tick

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction

Introducing the Complete Relationships Coaching Masterclass

Setting Your Benchmark for the ‘Ideal’ Relationships

The Basic Relationship Need

Part 2 – Groundwork and Foundations

Groundwork for Better Relationships

Foundations for Better Relationships

An Equation for ROCK SOLID Relationships

Part 3 – Identity and Meaning

The Story of our Identity Glue

The Meaning of Your Name

Getting Objective in Our Relationships

Part 4 – Security vs Freedom

Why We Don’t Always Get What We Want!

The First Assignment!

Part 5 – Differences & Communication

The Difference Between Love and Lust

The Halo Effect & Law of Attraction

Birds of a Feather (don’t have to flock together)

The Art of Healthy Communication

Part 6 – Character & Trust

Becoming a Judge of Character

Building Character and Trust into Relationships

Seek Understanding Before All Other Things

Part 7 – Perspective & Prerequisites

The ‘Mustard Seed’ Perspective

When a relationship’s not growing, it’s dying

An essential prerequisite for all new relationships

Keeping your ‘double standards’ at bay

Part 8 – Timing & Relationship Myths

There’s a RIGHT Time for ALL Relationships

The 50-50 Relationship Myth

Part 9 – Types of Relationships

Aristotle’s 3 Types of Relationship

3 Wrong Reasons to Enter a Relationship

Where CRISIS enters our relationships

3 Wrong Reasons to Enter a Relationship

Shortening the ‘Gaps’ in our relationships

The ‘Good Enough’ Principle for Relationships

Part 10 – Approaching Relationships

The Perfect Approach Towards Relationships

The Art of Mutual Submission

The ‘TOP 10’ Tips for Effective Date Nights

The Second Assignment!

Expectations and Self Sabotage Management

Dropping the Rank

Part 11 – Conclusions

Summary and Final Words

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