Fall in Dubai-based job vacancies

UAE, 14 Jul 2009

ABU DHABI - Dubai’s share of the region’s job vacancies dropped significantly this year as the economic downturn hit the Gulf, while Abu Dhabi’s rose, according to a study released today.

Dubai-based vacancies made up 30 per cent of all GCC-based positions advertised in the first six months of 2009, compared with 43 per cent over the same period last year, according to the report by GulfTalent, which is based on data from its website.

Abu Dhabi’s share of job vacancies grew from 14 to 23 per cent over the period.

"The economic downturn has slowed recruitment activity in the GCC region significantly, with Dubai in particular seeing a fall in the number of vacancies advertised, though still retaining a sizeable share," the report said.

Across the GCC investment, administration and marketing professionals have been hardest hit, the report said.

Demand for investment professionals, including private equity and portfolio management, fell by 48 per cent over the period. For administration skills, demand fell by 47 per cent while the demand for marketing skills dropped 46 per cent.

The UAE may also have seen an increase in expatriates leaving the country, with about a quarter of job applications from residents targeting jobs in other Gulf countries. That compares to only one in 10 last year.

"Despite the increase, the outward mobility of UAE-based expats remains the lowest in the region, with the majority preferring to remain in the country," the report said.

Employment activity may pick up again in 2010, but recruitment will take "some time" to return to pre-downturn levels, it said.