Be a Leader to be Remembered and Not Feared

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

What does leadership mean to you? This engaging and fast-moving course gives you a real opportunity for you to truly explore leadership and the impact of different behaviours on productivity. With lots of participation, we'll explore brand leadership and what it involves. And we'll also discover what goes on in the mind of a leader and the importance of self-motivation. Find out how leadership and management differ -and how it can benefit your business!

Expected Outcomes:

This invaluable course gives you an excellent opportunity to have a true understanding and appreciation of leadership behaviour and its effect on employees. In this fascinating insight, you'll learn about different parts of communication and how emotions play a huge part in encouragement and engagement of individuals. You'll also come away armed with skills to recognise brand leadership values -and ways to develop your brand for success.

Discounted Prices:

  • Groups of 4 and more 15% off original quote - $4080
  • Booking at least 1 month in advance 20% - $3840

Who should take this course

Organisation's leaders and everyone who leads a team.


Certificate of Attendance

Course content

Leader in life:

  • Knowing your role - lead with knowledge
  • Leadership Brand Values
  • Brand and Culture
  • Strengths based leadership
  • Managing Building Blocks
  • The 4 steps of Communication
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Qualities of a leader
  • Be a welcoming leader
  • Inside the minds of leaders
  • Mindset of a leader
  • What drives a leader
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership
  • Emotional management
  • Neutral zone
  • Self awareness and leadership
  • Empathy and leadership
  • Sympathy
  • How we give feedback and the Feed Forward model
  • Blocks to listening
  • Self motivation
  • Commitment wheel

About Course Provider

A dynamic and forward-thinking boutique consultancy, we provide executive staffing, bespoke learning solutions and consultancy services to the private and public sectors.

Greek for ‘the two of us’, our name Diomas embodies the belief that ‘two minds are better than one’. This is exactly what we represent in all of our projects; collaborative engagement to maximum effect. We apply this philosophy in everything we do; ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

It’s more than just the two of us though. We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than the combination of your organisation and our collaborative thinking – the two of us working closely together. Collaboration with you enables us to define the best possible outcomes for your business. Which is why we’re incredibly proud of the results that our valued clients are enjoying.

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