Certified IFRS Specialist

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
10 - 14 Mar 2019 (5 days)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

International Financial Reporting (IFRS) is the indisputably global solution for any country in the world to integrate into the international capital markets. There is virtually no room for a local solution since this category, and an increasing number of entities are moving to IFRS. Access to capital from both the domestic and international arena is inextricably linked to the integrity and international credibility of financial reporting. The IFRS standard setters have been in a process of revamping standards to improve global financial reporting and this course is a necessity of IFRS preparers and users to be update with current standards and trends. This course offers the learner a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements of IFRS; beginning by building on the foundations laid by the IASB’s mainstream IFRS standards. The course develops key skill competencies through the application of sound theoretical content within a practical, real-life inspired case-study based environment.

Who should take this course

This course has been specifically designed for the benefit of:

  • Heads of Finance
  • Chief Accountants
  • Financial Controllers
  • Prepares of IFRS financial statements
  • Analysts requiring knowledge of IFRS compliant statements
  • External and Internal Auditors



Course content

DAY 1 – IASB Structure and Operations – IFRS Core Concepts – Assets under IFRS

DAY 2 – Assets under IFRS (continued) – Accounting for Liabilities – Financial Statement Presentation

DAY 3 – Fair Value and Financial Instruments – Accounting for Pensions

DAY 4 – Group Accounting Matters

DAY 5 – Other Financial Reporting Matters – First Time Adoption – Accounting for Leases – Accounting for Revenue

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