Data Science Immersive

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
29 Sep - 19 Dec 2019 (12 weeks)
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Professional Training Course
Yes (Details)
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Course Overview

In this 12-week, full-time course students analyze massive data sets, and predict what happens next through predictive modeling and pattern recognition. Students create a polished portfolio of work that showcases their ability to create machine-learned insights in a way that is impactful to key stakeholders.

This course helps students to make a career change and prepare for full-time roles as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, or other roles that require advanced work with data.

  • Course Fee: USD 16,000
  • Student pays $534 (+5% VAT)

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to take this course.


Most Innovative Education Company 2019 (Fast Company Magazine)

Course content

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Collect, extract, query, clean, and aggregate data for analysis
  • Perform visual and statistical analysis on data using Python and its associated libraries and tools
  • Build, implement, and evaluate data science problems using appropriate machine learning models and algorithms
  • Use appropriate data visualization tools to communicate findings
  • Present clear and reproducible reports to stakeholders
  • Identify big data problems and understand how distributed systems and parallel computing technologies are solving these challenges
  • Apply question, modeling, and validation problem solving processes to datasets from various industries to gain insight into real-world problems and solutions.

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