Ref: SP098-08

Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

Role and Responsibility:
We are looking for a skilled Information Technology Manager who will be responsible for overseeing Alasala’ networks and software, as well as supervising all devices and systems related to information technology, monitoring network infrastructure and solving various system problems, and he must be constantly aware of solutions and data protection systems to ensure that colleges security systems are reliable and is also entrusted with developing work plans and mechanisms for networks and information security, and contributing to the achievement of the department's objectives by supervising and following up on all operational work in the department’s operational plan. Determining the organizational goals, planning, organizing and following up the implementation of plans for managing information technology according to the applicable regulations and instructions originally, as well as providing all support services to the various academic and administrative units in accordance with the approved legal procedures, in a manner that ensures and helps those units to perform their tasks and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

It is also entrusted with the responsibility of following up all decisions and recommendations until the task or work is closed at the specified time, and this is submitted to the General Supervisor of Financial and Administrative Affairs to take action.

Tasks and duties:
* Overseeing the operation of systems and applications and developing the Colleges' website periodically;
* Supervising and maintaining technical equipment, ensuring that all protection measures are in place and maintaining their continued functioning;
* Overseeing networking within Alasala and ensuring that all information protection measures are available, and providing all necessary settings to ensure that the Colleges network runs efficiently and quickly;
* Overseeing the provision of operating systems and applications necessary for colleges to carry out their academic and administrative work;
* Overseeing the provision of technical support to faculty employees in accordance with the policies of the Technology Department;
*Supervising the provision of technical advice to the Colleges management regarding any projects related to work computerization in Colleges or developing the infrastructure of the internal wired and wireless Colleges computer network or e-learning systems;
* Raising the technical competence of the employees of the Information Technology Department, as well as holding training courses to raise the efficiency of college employees with regard to the use of computers in the completion of work;
* Keeping pace with the technical development in the field of systems and equipment and submitting proposals to the General Supervisor for Financial and Administrative Affairs.

* A safe and effective technical environment for all Alasala employees;
* Provide the best services with the highest quality standards as soon as possible;
* The efficiency and effectiveness of all technical equipment and the authenticity network to provide the best services to its employees;
* Preparing long-term strategic business plans to ensure the provision of distinguished services;
* Report any breach in any of the roles assigned to him to the competent authorities to quickly intervene to solve it;
* Monitor potential risks in his field of work and develop positive and effective management plans.

KPI’s Good Performance:
* Organizing (5) workshops every semester to train Alasala employees in the use of electronic systems;
* Work to continuously develop the website to be a true interface of authenticity through follow-up reports by the Public Relations Department and the Corporate Communication Department;
* Providing all electronic devices that serve the educational process through performance reports by the Deans of the Colleges;
* Providing a strong communication network that meets the needs of Alasala employees through performance reports by the General Supervisor for Development and Quality;
* Providing all support for systems and applications through follow-up reports by the General Supervisor of Development and Quality;
* Completion of activities related to institutional accreditation standards in relation to its work through follow-up reports from the General Supervisor of Development and Quality.


* Proven experience in the field of information technology work;
* Bachelor's degree in information technology or relevant field;
* Master's degree in one of the IT specializations, especially (MIS) is a plus;
* Strong ethics and reliability;
* Good knowledge of strategic planning;
* Good knowledge of methods of building public relations;
* Knowledge of organization and performance monitoring;
* Proficiency in the use of systems and applications in the field of work;
* Experience in statistical data collection and analysis procedures;
* Experience in dealing with suppliers and contractors.

Preferred skills, abilities and languages:
* Communication and networking skills;
* Outstanding organizational and time-management abilities;
* Ability to build and maintain relationships;
* Problem-solving and decision-making aptitude;
* Negotiating skills;
* Attention to detail and follow-up skills;
* English fluently, additional languages are a plus.

About the Company

At Al-Asala Education and Training Company, we are working to provide comprehensive and undivided knowledge solutions that contribute effectively in shaping the characters of the next generation of leaders. Through building bridges, partnerships and international experiences with major academic institutions and local, Arab and international universities, we are committed, within our originality and vision system, to generating, sharing and integrating knowledge with our educational expertise to achieve sustainability and promote education. Professional and Knowledge Economy.

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