Ultrasound Sonographer

Kingdom Hospital & Consulting Clinics

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ref: SP609-01

Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

Job Summary:

• Primarily responsible for the delivery of a Diagnostic Ultrasound service of the highest possible standard utilizing current and accepted protocols and work instructions, under the supervision and guidance of a Radiologist or other suitably qualified physician. May be required to work in either the General Diagnostic Imaging section or in the Ob/Gyne Ultrasound section. Some bedside or Operating Room procedures might be also required.
• Utilize information systems and technology to achieve maximum quality, efficiency and effectiveness. Will be required to have superior knowledge of the Hospital Clinical Information Systems and will utilize these systems as an integral part of their clinical duties. Will be required to liaise with biomedical and service engineers in relation to quality assurance checks, routine maintenance and repairs.
• Is responsible for safety and comfort of patients whilst they are in the Ultrasound area. Also ensures patient confidentiality and privacy is maintained at all times and recognizes and meets local cultural requirements where at all possible. Must ensure that patient rights are considered at all times.
• Provide additional support to the Medical Imaging Reception Area, to ensure it is manned by at least one staff member at all times in order to greet new patients, answer enquiries, make new appointments and liaise with Business Office staff for the purposes of proper billing of patients. May be required to assist in the identifying and scheduling the correct patient and equipment preparation for Diagnostic Ultrasound procedures. May also be required to liaise directly with other medical and nursing staff regarding their patients and procedures.
• May be required to participate in after-hours emergency “on-call” roster for Ultrasound, and to work in other imaging modalities within the realm of his / her experience, knowledge and skills e.g. General X-Ray, CT Scan and “on-call”.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Perform Diagnostic Ultrasound procedures to the highest level and document all findings, measurements and calculations on presenting image and procedure electronic (RIS) check-lists according to Departmental Protocols and Work Instructions.
• Ensure patient billing processes are completed efficiently and according to Hospital Policy. As part of this duty, assist by completing any existing Departmental daily statistic collection process.
• Maintain all equipment in a clean and safe working condition following all standard infection control guidelines.
• Participate in patient education and provide necessary information for patient/family in a manner that is comprehendible to them.
• Report any equipment or system malfunction to the Senior Sonographer, Technical manager, Help Desk or directly to the service engineer responsible according to the policy existing at that time.
• Report all occupational health and safety issues to his/her Senior Sonographer or direct to Technical manager.
• Participate in the area staff roster as identified by the Technical manager.
• To participate on any emergency after hours on-call roster, as required by Department and Hospital policy (which stipulates that the service be available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week).
• Participate in continual personal, professional and Departmental development of knowledge and understanding as well as Departmental protocols.
• Maintain up to date licensure, as required locally or within their country of origin.
• Assist other staff sharing technical facilities to ensure an uninterrupted service.
• Help maintain appropriate stock levels in his/her area by participating in any stock control process existing at the time.
• Assist and support all new staff to orientate and assimilate as quickly as possible.
• Promptly refer complaints and comments, and report incidents to his/her Senior Sonographer or direct to Technical manager according to the agreed Hospital Policy.
• Liaise with all Imaging staff to ensure the reception area is attended at all times, assisting in answering enquiries, making appointments and performing the necessary data entry required as part of a patient’s encounter with the Imaging Department as per existing Departmental or Hospital policy whether it be written or agreed.
• Elicit assistance of translators when dealing with patients with whom he/she is unable to directly communicate.
• Consistently greet all Hospital and Departmental clients (patients, doctors etc) in a courteous and discrete manner and to ensure local cultural requirements are met as often as possible.
• To follow all specific Hospital Policies and Procedures and accepted norms associated with patient confidentiality.


Qualifications & Education:
• Qualification in an acceptable Paramedical field. (Radiologic sciences or Nursing).
• Post graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (DMU) or equivalent – required for Senior Sonographer.
• Completion of an acceptable post-graduate course in Medical Ultrasound – required for Basic Sonographer.
• Post graduate Diploma of Radiologic Technology or Bachelor in Radiologic Technology.

Skills and/or abilities:
• Ability to provide effective leadership and function as a role model for less senior members of the Ultrasound section – required for Senior Sonographer.
• A unique blend of client service, patient care and paramedical skills provided with empathy.
• A need for high level of personal hygiene and grooming.
• Ability to work openly and enthusiastically in a team, avoiding derision or unfair criticism of other individuals in the team.
• Demonstrates good experience of using RIS and PACS.

• At least five years experience working as a medical sonographer in an acceptable Institution – required for Senior Sonographer.
• At least two years experience working as a medical sonographer in an acceptable Institution – required for Basic Sonographer.
• History of successful completion of previous employment in the Middle East – preferable.

About the Company

Kingdom Hospital, located in Al Rabie Quarter, Takkassosi street, in the northern part of Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is one of Saudi Arabia's latest and most extensively equipped private hospitals. It is one of the remarkable achievements of HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud, who is always keen to support the Saudi economy.

Kingdom Hospital started to provide comprehensive medical services of high calibre in March 2000. Latest clinical and therapeutic technology known worldwide has been introduced to provide quality care services. The hospital opened officially in Shawwal 1421 (January 2001) under the patronage of Crown Prince, HRH prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz merged with Consulting Clinics in 14 October 2002. This merger, the first event of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, produced a complementary medical services project that provides sophisticated and distinguished medical care.

Kingdom Hospital provides all types of consultations and therapeutic services, utilising state-of-the-art equipment. Kingdom Hospital is comprised of many specialised medical departments including but not limited to Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, not to mention the Pain Management Center and a Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Unit, which is the first private Rehabilitation Center in Riyadh. The Emergency Room and Intensive Care Units in KH are the first units to run in line with the standards of the American College of Emergency Physicians.