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Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

• The Waste Management Expert is expected to review analytically the present waste management system and evaluate the lacking sustainable elements.
• To review waste management practices and consider issues for improving Red Sea Project Waste Management System.
• To identify the problems relating to the currents system and formulate possible treatment plan and solutions complying with the objectives that is set by NOMAC and the Ninth Development Plan.
• To research and draft a new updated waste management strategy, considering, a strategic long term approach enhancing sustainability based on the wide array of knowledge skills mentioned above.
• To formulate a treatment plan on the analysis of waste minimization, collection, treatment, and waste disposal solutions based on knowledge and skills mentioned above.
• To create a list of all waste removal sites and waste transfer stations and allocate them as appropriate regionally.
• To list and add all information and costs including details about how the newly drafted system will comply with all laws governing the management and removal of waste.
• To ensure compliance with the current legislation in the transportation, handling, and disposal of waste.
• To promote schemes for reuse and recycling, sue of clean technologies, recovering and reducing the hazardousness of waste, and sending less waste to landfill.
• To supervise the transportation of waste so to ensure that it takes place efficiently without contaminating air, land, or water sources.
• To assist in developing, promoting, and implementing the new waste management system.
• To outline waste characteristic and sufficient capacity for managing waste ensuring that the capacity and the nature of collection and treatment systems are in line with the waste to be managed.
• To assist in the development of information and promotional materials.
• To provide advice and consultancy on the research, implementation and the process of a new waste management strategy.
• To provide instructions for the handling of all types of waste including detailed instructions for the equipment needed when managing waste, as well as any safety procedures for waste crews.
• To manage a staff and provide guidance appropriately, also train staff on the implementation of the new system and the improved waste management practices.
• To evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and learning outcomes.
• To provide suitable workshops and seminars involving as many governmental agencies and NOMAC/Red Sea Development Company as possible and to disseminate results.
• In addition to the above, the consultant is expected to demonstrate strong knowledge in the following:
• Onsite handling, storage, and processing, collection of solid wastes (routes, services, techniques, and services), transfer and transport, processing techniques and equipment’s (Purposes of processing, Mechanical volume reduction, Chemical volume reduction, Mechanical size reduction, Component separation, Drying and dewatering), Disposal of Solid Waste and residential matter).
• Solid waste and residential matter in terms of:
• Site selection and layout.
• Types of waste that must be handled.
• Land filling methods and operations.
• Estimation of landfill capacity.
• Reactions occurring in completed landfills.
• Gas and leachate movement and control.
• Evaluation of the geology and hydrogeology of the site.
• Selection of lining systems.
• Selection of leachate control facilities.
• Selection of landfill gas control facilities.
• Layout of surface drainage facilities.
• Aesthetic design considerations.
• Monitoring facilities.
• Determination of equipment requirement.
• Development of the landfill operation plans.
• Hazardous waste in terms of:
• Identification of hazardous wastes.
• Classification of hazardous wastes.
• Regulations.
• Generation.
• Onsite storage.
• Collection.
• Transfer and transport.
• Processing and disposal.
• Future planning.


• Advanced degree in environmental engineering, ecological engineering, or related fields.
• Experienced in environmental safety, construction and infrastructure, biological waste analysis and treatment plans, also design and operation.
• Specialized training in waste management and strategic treatment plans.
• Previous projects or research related to the field of environmental safety.
• Experience managing a staff.

• At least 10 years of working experience, and considerable knowledge of material analyses and the ability to communicate results of research findings and undertake on the job training and seminars.

About the Company

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company "NOMAC" was founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, North Africa and South, Middle Europe and East Europe regions, providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide.

Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being the leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors.

Our broad range of services includes, but is not limited to long term O&M, major overhaul of high-tech plant equipment, and development of plant-specific Standard O&M procedures. In total, NOMAC is responsible for the operation of a portfolio of 17,146 MW of power generation and 2.83 million cubic meters per day of desalinated water production. NOMAC is the largest private sector potable water producer using desalination process in the world. NOMAC contributes 40% of water and 15% of electricity of total Saudi Arabia's Demand.

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