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Course Overview

Selling products and services to other businesses offers many challenges for example when approval is needed from Department Heads or others in authority. Running a team of Business to Business Sales people provides many challenges requiring strong organizational management. Leadership and coaching skills and without such skills you can find leading B2B teams frustrating and unproductive. By applying these skills B2B Sales Managers can improve the sales techniques of their team and reach ambitious targets.In these tough times successful Business to Business Sales People require a mixture of strong organizational and relationship building skills. This programme will enable a Sales Manager to recognize what skills their teams need to develop. Additionally the course provides a recognized structure to the Sales process which when followed will facilitate an increase in sales.Using this structure will provide you with a outline for the feedback and coaching of your staff enabling them to improve.

Who should take this course

Business to Business, Account Team Managers, Business to Business Account Managers looking for promotion to Team Leaders/Managers. Anyone involved in the management of people selling products and services to other businesses.



Course content

Day 1:

  • What is Business to Business (B2B) selling?
  • Why Sell Business to Business
  • Types of Business to Business sales
  • Difference in selling to Businesses as opposed to Retail customers
  • Understanding the Knowledge skills and attributes of successful (B2) sales people
  • Conduct a personal review of what knowledge skills and abilities that your team might need to develop
  • Create an action plan to facilitate development of these and missing' skills etc.

Day 2:

  • Identify the need to use time effectively
  • Develop techniques to deal with time stealers
  • Effectively plan your time to increase your productivity
  • Recognizing the aspects of successful sales negotiation
  • Applying these aspects to your role as a business to business sales Manager

Day 3:

  • Introduction of the 5 Stage Sales Process
  • Identifying how they apply to the products and services that you sell
  • How to research prospects and what sources are available to you
  • Building connections with potential customers
  • Networking -its benefits and drawbacks

Day 4:

  • Asking questions to understand the needs motivations and pains that your customers are facing
  • Need to listen to their answers
  • Using the information gained to outline benefits to the customer
  • Difference between features and benefits
  • Qualifying the customer by understanding their goals budget authority and the time scales involved.
  • Closing the sale
  • Next steps

Day 5:

  • Providing feedback that makes the difference to the performance of your staff
  • Essentials of Coaching using GROW model
  • Practice coaching in a role-play scenario.
  • Developing a customer contact strategy
  • Need to constantly review customer contact strategy

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