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Professional Training Course
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All organisations need to share product and company knowledge beyond departmental silos. Knowledge enables power and confidence. This courses will help youto identifythe knowledge critical to your success and manageit in line withyour company's business strategies. By making sure your people have the knowledge they need you can improve both their performance and the organisation's success. Our robust training and development tool kit is equipped with advanced critical knowledge effective learning performance solutions and expertise in real time.

Who should take this course

Product managers, production team managers, team leaders, trainers organizational development executives.



Course content

Module 1:

  • Fundamentals of Product & Company Knowledge
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the knowledge management
  • Identify the key components of the product & company knowledge
  • Benefits of the cultural and behavioral elements
  • How to align knowledge management with the company's objectives
  • Importance of developing a positive environment for knowledge sharing

Module 2:

  • Product Management Strategy
  • Learning from challenges and practical lessons to develop product and company knowledge
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge on the product
  • Remembering important features and facets while strategizing the success of the product management
  • Strategies to make the product more desirable to the customers
  • Assess the outcome through situational analysis

Module 3:

  • Using Product Knowledge to Drive Sales
  • Promotional objectives of the company
  • Up-selling and cross-selling the products
  • Planning to entice the target audience to buy the product
  • Boosting Sales by presenting the product one-of-a-kind to the customers
  • Benefits of the grand launching of the product(s)
  • Making the product more desirable to customers
  • Communicate product benefits using advanced marketing techniques and tools

Module 4:

  • Implementing Knowledge Management
  • Four steps to effective Product
  • Knowledge Overcome all barriers to meeting targets
  • Gathering proper knowledge on the product
  • Arranging Product Training

Module 5:

  • Maximizing Learning Opportunities
  • Locating the knowledge champions Cutting-edge social media and information technology platforms in sharing knowledge
  • Creating an environment which maximises knowledge sharing opportunities for organizational growth
  • Assessment of Action Plan Feedback

About Course Provider

London Training for Excellence offer a wide range of training courses in London for organisations and individuals who wish to advance their skills and knowledge in the business world. With a great training centre in London, London TFE have everything that is needed to understand the basic needs of a business. Each course focuses on the ‘real-life’ issues a business could face and how to tackle them with ease.

London TFE have a team of enthusiastic leaders and instructors who share a passion for education and want to deliver that same passion to every individual who wish to take a business to succession. Each training courses London encourages individual to aim high and reach their full potential.