Regulations of Governmental Competitions and Procurement's

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Professional Training Course
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In view of the importance of understanding the legal rules of the current system of competition and government procurement and its implementing regulations and the absorption of its components and provisions for workers in the government sector and in the private sector this training course to raise the level of knowledge and culture and to improve the skills of the participants. This course will help the trainees to understand how to deal with administrative contracts and how to confront the obstacles and administrative irregularities in the contracts of competition and government procurement which will undoubtedly result in the positive impact on the entities in which they work and will achieve the highest economic efficiency.

Who should take this course

Lawyers, legal advisors, companies and business enterprises students of Sharia and law. Contracts and procurement departments government project departments related departments.



Course content

Objective of the competition and procurement system. Types of administrative contracts. Characteristics of administrative contracts. Efficiency in the implementation of administrative contracts and the concept of running public utilities. Formal committees procedures and validity. Provisions for examination of tenders and contracting authority. How to deal with offers submit advertise and legal terms of submission acceptance and withdrawal. Direct insurance and contract validity provisions. Purchases and works exempted from competition government procurement and its implementing regulations. Formulation of administrative contracts and duration of execution. Increased and reduced contractor obligations and contractual authority. Bank guarantees conditions and illness. Exchange of financial offset. Cases of application process and models of administrative contracts (public works contract supply contract).

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