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Getting the most from people and organisations requires strong leadership skills. As products and services become more complex and the role of knowledge workers becomes more critical in the success of an organisation it is essential to know how to lead and how to motivate. Great leaders are known for their strong vision the care they offer for their team sheer passion for their cause and the tremendous support they provide to help people grow and become better at what they do.This course follows on from our Leadership Skills course and covers a variety of topics on communication skills, planning decision, making public, speaking and crisis management. The course is packed with examples, case studies, conversations and exercises on how to manage, communicate and motivate people to get the most from a team.

Who should take this course

Experienced Managers, Leaders Section/department Heads, Directors. All those in leadership positions.



Course content

Module 1 - Managing Your Team's Aspirations. Setting effective goals for your team. How to prepare for brainstorming sessions Inspiring your team to generate ideas so you can benefit from everyone's inputs.

Module 2 - Systematic Planning. Why are some managers are known to be too confusing or demanding? How can you avoid this? The 5-step planning technique and how can it be used for problem solving brainstorming and general planning Using business planning guidelines to improve your leadership.

Module 3 - Giving a Speech Public speaking and presentation skills How can these strategies benefit you when addressing your team? Open your speeches with impact whether addressing your team your clients your stakeholders or giving public talks.

Module 4 - Crisis Management. What is a crisis? Types of crisis and the qualities of each type. What do you need to consider when handling a crisis? Planning for crisis management? Contingency planning Risk management. Responding to risks and incorporating these into your contingency plans. Critical decision making in relation to crisis management.

Module 5 - Managing People. Improve your communication skills with your team by putting yourself in their position. Strategies to gather more information about difficult cases before expressing your dissatisfaction or saying something that you could regret afterwards. Understanding people's perspective and their capabilities.Motivating your team Problem solving.

Module 6 - Forgiving People. What are the benefits of forgiving people? Using forgiveness to empower your team. What stops you from forgiving others? Changing unhelpful attitudes toward forgiveness. The 6-step forgiveness sequence.

Module 7 - Delegation Skills. Levels of delegation and what can be delegates in each level. Selecting a delegation level based on how much control you want to retain and how much time you want to save. What strategies help you formulate your request when delegating a task to motivate the person? Minimising disruption to other team members so you can manage your team effectively as a whole.

Module 8 - Goal Oriented Thinking. Where do you want to take your team? How will you take them there?

Module 9 - Strategy The difference between leading and managing. Staying focussed.

Module 10 - Networking. Making new contacts. Building rapport Interacting with team members and stakeholders to satisfy their different needs. Keeping records.

Module 11 - Influence Influencing techniques. Logical persuading. Socializing ideas. Consulting Appealing to values Modeling.

Module 12 - Action Planning. Goals Strategy Plan.

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