Advanced Strategies - Developing Performance of Accountants and Auditors

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Learning Objectives:

To gain full knowledge of professional performance of accountants - concept importance types. Recognize the importance of the integral role of accountants in the development of performance accounting. Develop the teamwork skills to enhance the performance of accounting. Provide participants with the expertise knowledge and the skills that enable them to plan for the development of professional performance of different accounting types. Provide participants with the latest scientific methods for the development of their professional accounting performance. Identify advanced methods to develop the professional performance for institutions. Develop the skills of participants in the examination and analysis to enhance their performance. Identify different strategies to follow up financial reports documents records and automated systems used in the professional accounting. Provide participants with the necessary skills to implement the advanced strategies to enhance their performance.Provide participants with the skills of using computer in the development of their professional performance.

Who should take this course

Accountants and accounting department supervisors. Staff of administrative accounting statistics studies and research department. Consultants and financial analysts.



Course content

Day 1 - Professional performance of accountants:

  • Concept and the fields.
  • Assessing the efficiency of accounting performance.
  • Test the efficiency of modern accounting performance.
  • Practical Cases.

Day 2 - Follow-up:

  • What it is steps follow-up reports the measurement deviations
  • Methods of treatment.
  • Models used in the process of follow-up.
  • Constraints in the accounting work.
  • Follow-up reports. Practical Cases.

Day 3 - Development of accounting performance:

  • Models of the modern accounting plans.
  • Components and constraints of the accounting performance.
  • Practical Cases.

Documents and Records:

  • The final accounts to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy.
  • How to apply the samples and compare them with documents and files.
  • Methods of reviewing the records and the statistical and financial documents.
  • Practical Cases.

Day 4 - The Automated systems:

-Applying the automated systems. - The automated systems documentation mechanism and retrieving data.
- Practical Cases.

Day 5 - The Advanced Strategies for the development of professional performance of accountants:

  • Essence.
  • Types.
  • The steps and stages.
  • Methods and problems.
  • Application. Practical Cases.

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