Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists including Metal Processes

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The training covers the basic elements of:

  • Elements Atoms/Molecules/Molecular structure
  • Molecular structure of common metals
  • Properties of metals
  • Theory of crystals/crystallography
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Elements of extractive metallurgy
  • Solid solutions
  • Metal solidification and properties
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Heat treat of steel
  • Metal treatment methods and their objectives
  • Metal failure and measures to avert failures
  • Metal forming
  • Metal testing and inspection methods.
  • Pressings
  • Mouldings Castings & Surface Treatment Extrusions

Who should take this course

This training is designed for engineers and operations personnel of process plants refineries it is a basic course for personnel who have a limited or no knowledge of the basics of Metallurgy and who also want to learn the basic techniques of various processes as mention above.



Course content

Day 1 - Basics of Physical Chemistry:

  • Atoms Molecules and crystals
  • Common elements
  • Atomic structure How atoms combine Crystal and crystalline materials
  • Metal Processing Techniques
  • Presses and Press Forming
  • How a press works.
  • The press forming techniques
  • Materials used on pressings - discuss
  • Duplex Inconel Titaniu Phosphor Bronze
  • Understanding Metal Pressing
  • Coatings Zinc plate Galvanised Powder Coating

Day 2- Chemical Equilibrium:

  • Heat and Temperature
  • Compound formation
  • Types of reactions effects of heat Instruments for measuring temperature
  • Metal Processing Techniques Moulding
  • Understanding Injection Moulding.
  • What is blow Moulding Rotational Moulding
  • Understanding Vacuum Forming Different stages of Moulding - Pressure Die

Day 3 - Metal Refining:

  • Primary methods for refining steel
  • Basic oxygen and electric furnace processes
  • Ladle metallurgy-electrolytic refining of non-ferrous metals
  • Metal Processing Techniques Castings Paintings/Coatings
  • Casting Processes Process
  • Selection
  • Design of Castings
  • Understanding Microstructure of Castings
  • Grain structure Chemical inhomogeneity for Castings
  • Porosity of Castings
  • Casting Alloys

Day 4 - Solidification of Metal:

  • Patterns of atoms in solid metals
  • Stages of crystal growth
  • Formation of grain boundaries Phase diagrams Ingot casting and continuous castings
  • Metal Processing Techniques
  • Extrusions
  • Understanding the Extrusion
  • Types Hot Extrusion Cold extrusion Friction Extrusion Micro Extrusions
  • Extrusion Defects and how to avoid

Day 5 - Heat Treatment of Steel Fundamentals:

  • Types of steel Structure of Iron - relation between carbon content and mircostructures Austenite bainite and martensite
  • Main type of heat treating furnaces Atmospheres and quenching media

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