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Steam Turbine control systems supported by a 3D Animated Program there will be many power point presentations. With the help of extensive graphics and animation which will provide a virtual exposure on Large Steam Turbines and Governors and other control systems.

Who should take this course

Operators especially Maintenance Engineers, Supervisors, Superintendents.



Course content

Part 1 - Control Systems:

  • The Function of the Governors
  • Understanding the full function of Governors
  • The speed of driven equipment must be controlled
  • Understanding when an increased load of the turbine slows the turbine what happens to the flyballs
  • What happens when friction in the mechanism what takes place.
  • Operating Principles.
  • Overview of CBT 3D Video of Steam Turbine Governors

Part 2 - Steam Turbine Unit Controls:

The main functions of modern steam turbine control systems are as follows we will note their functions:

  • Speed and acceleration control during start up.
  • Initialization of generator excitation Synchronization and application of load in response to local area generation dispatch commands.
  • Pressure control various forms inlet extraction back pressure etc
  • This control mode is initial pressure control.
  • When a steam turbine is supplied by a heat recovery boiler the amount of steam generated can vary independently.
  • Initial pressure governing allows the steam turbine to draw all the available steam out of the header while maintaining constant pressure.
  • Unloading and securing of the turbine.
  • Protection against serious hazards i.e. loss of lube oil pressure high exhaust temperature high bearing vibration
  • A single failure in the controls will not cause a shutdown. It will cause a diagnostic alarm and is repairable on-line.

Part 3 - Understanding HAZOP/HAZID:

  • Every operator needs to know how to carry out a HAZOP Analysis Participants will be given the opportunity to conduct a HAZOP Analysis.
  • This will be followed by a question paper on Governors & Governor systems including other control systems.

Training Methodology:

  • Comprehensive Manual Power Point Presentations Self-Assessment questions (answers will be provided at end of the session)

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