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The practice of distribution has changed dramatically in the past 100 years and even more so since the advent of e-commerce and online buying. Strategicchannel managementis about getting the product to the end user in the most effective way. Depending on the nature of the product and the market numerous intermediaries may be involved. It can include wholesalers agents retailers distributors and the internet. Ensuring your product or service reaches your end customer in the most convenient speedy 'on brand' and cost efficient way will give your company a competitive advantage.

Who should take this course

Vice presidents and directors of sales and marketing. Sales managers (national regional district and area). Product managers. Anyone with channel management responsibilities.



Course content

Module 1:

  • Creating the Distributor
  • Capture Plan
  • Develop Distributor profile Identify potential distributors
  • Analyze current business performance and develop effective plans of attack
  • Develop new strategies for displacing vulnerable competitors

Module 2:

  • Executing the Distributor
  • Capture Plan
  • Develop insider salespeople who can close the sale for you
  • Discover new ways to sell to executives and top-level decision makers
  • Devise methods for bypassing purchasing departments and processes
  • Implement new financial selling techniques
  • Improve your ability to sell to committees and multiple decision makers
  • Optimize the effectiveness of group sales calls

Module 3:

  • Creating the Distributor Agreement and Business Plan
  • Co-create a Distributor
  • Sales Plan with effective targets strategies programs and resources
  • Proven strategies to boost
  • Distributor marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Develop a closed-loop tracking system to ensure goal achievement
  • Obtain critical commitments that virtually guarantee their success

Module 4:

  • Distributor Sales Strategies
  • Devise strategies to re-orient distributors who fail to meet their commitments
  • Learn how to upgrade distributors; professional selling skills
  • Protect your brand - ensure marketing materials logos pricing policies and support conform to company standards
  • Practice methods of discussing difficult and sensitive issues with company owners

Module 5:

  • Channel Management and Channel Partner Selection
  • Describe Trends in Channel Management and their Impact on
  • Decision Making Explain the Effect Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Have on Channel Management
  • Develop Channel Partner profile and Identify Potential Channel Partners
  • Analyze the Current Channel Flow Identify
  • Value Activities Performed By Channel Partners
  • Understand the Key Elements to Be Included in Contracts and Agreements
  • Define and Implement a New Partner "Start-Up" Action Plan

Module 6:

  • Understanding the Needs of Your Channel Partner
  • Determine Your Channel Partner's Value Pyramid
  • Learn How Your Channel Partner Makes Money
  • Design a Simple Effective Plan to Identify Channel Partner Needs
  • Evaluate Your Relative Position to Other Vendors with Your Channel Partner

Module 7:

  • Channel Partner Evaluation
  • Define Channel Partner Expectations
  • Develop and Use Appropriate Performance Measures
  • Terminate an Unsatisfactory Partner

Module 8:

  • Legal Considerations
  • Basic Principles
  • Behind Antitrust Laws
  • Primary Laws Affecting Supplier/Partner Relationships
  • Legal Issues Around Exclusivity Competing Lines and Pricing
  • Inadvertent Acts of Cooperation with Competition

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