Advanced Business Communications Skills

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Effective Business Communication skills are among the most essential ones for every professional. We use all types of Communication on a daily basis, and thus it is imperative that we use them with maximum efficiency and be able to communicate clearly while also comprehending the communications of those around us. Whether you are talking to a team member or presenting your ideas to the public, Communication is the key for reaching your goals.

This course equips you with executive business Communication tools and techniques. It helps you to fine-tune the way you interact and reveals all the secrets of the world of Communication, from the various communication channels, styles and models to the advanced techniques of cross-cultural and two-way communication. The ability to communicate effectively empowers you to converse, command and delegate as well as recognize subtle non-verbal Communication and to achieve your professional objectives with emotional intelligence and confidence.

In this training course you will study an extensive overview of valuable and practical points and receive skills such as:

  • Main communication styles, channels and models and how to use them professionally
  • Mastering Verbal and non-verbal Communication to achieve maximum results
  • Psychology of Communication and the two-way communication approach
  • Advanced elements of cross-cultural Communication and cultural awareness
  • Top Skills of Effective Business Communication to become the best communicator

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.


Certificate of Competion

Course content


  • Reviewing the past, present and Future of the World of Modern Communication
  • Difference and Functions of Interpersonal Communication vs. Business Communication
  • Revealing the important factors affecting Communication & the Mehrabian Rule
  • Risks of Poor Communication - Legal, Conflicts, Low Performance, Lost Sales, etc.
  • Communication Channels and Models; Business communication Rules and Norms
  • Psychological Aspects of Communication: Keeping Emotions under Control


  • Assertiveness Skills & Advanced Psychological Principles for Effective Communication
  • Communication Barriers and how to avoid them for Communicating with Confidence
  • Verbal Communication & Understanding the key elements of Effective Speaking
  • Crucial Elements, Components and Power of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Combining Verbal and Non-Verbal communication to get the Best Outcome
  • Advanced Listening Skills, Guidelines for effective Listening & Active vs. Passive Listening


  • Knowing and Identifying the Listening Filters: Improving Listening Techniques
  • Standards of using various Business Correspondence with Maximum Efficiency
  • Effective Management of the rising Volume of Internal and External Correspondence
  • The Trend of using Multiple Channels for Interaction and its Advantages and Risks
  • Cultural Awareness and Main Rules to Follow in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Best Proven Global Practices to implement to become the Best Communicator

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