Certified Professional in Multicultural Customer Experience

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The globalization is the integral part of our today's world, and it keeps expanding into all essentials of business and life. Knowledge on how to operate in our highly multicultural planet is crucial for the success of any modern business or government entity. To meet this target, the knowledge on the key differences and specificities of cultures and cross-cultural communications is the absolute must.

This course highlights the particulars of multicultural relations, the importance of adjusting strategy according to the surrounding environment and the best practices to succeed in providing the excellent customer experience in a particular market as well as for growing globally. Course sessions provide the expertise on CX Management in the multicultural environment and the innovative tactics for structuring and setting the best standards for CX team. We review the top practices to implement for solid enhancement in companies' achievements in our multicultural world.

Explore the key focus areas that help you as the professional to build the truly client-oriented organization in the multicultural environment. You gain the knowledge on:

  • Present trends and development of the multicultural environment
  • Provide excellent level of internal and external multicultural CX
  • Recognize the Influence of globalization and its potential benefits
  • Know the specifics of multicultural digital psychology and experience
  • Possess the expert knowledge to apply the best available standards

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Essentials of Customer Experience and its growing value and Importance
  • Understanding particulars of Multicultural internal and external Customers
  • Overview of Cross-Culture environment specifics in terms of CX
  • Consumer Experience Management (CEM) complexity in Multicultural Environment
  • Influence of Globalization and studying related changes in Clients Expectations
  • Compulsory elements to define the perfect Client Experience Strategy
  • Customer Experience dependency on Business Type and Corporate Culture
  • Setting the correct limits for your exposure to International Environment
  • Discovering top reasons why certain level of CX is central for Every Industry
  • Expectations in Client Service & Experience in multicultural Digital Environment
  • Key points for successfully delivery of Cross-Cultural Client Experience
  • Setting Standards for CX Excellence under specific elements of various Cultures
  • Seeing and collecting data on Service Level from Clients Point of View
  • Praxis points on provision of best Multicultural Consumer Experience
  • Key facts in adapting Standards and potential Pitfalls and Risks of Implementation
  • Successful praxis of transnational companies & examining business cases
  • Your Personal Action Plan upon Course Completion and guidance checklist

This Atton Institute course provides the certified professional status on the challenging multicultural environment and equips you with the ability to:

  • Understand how globalization influences customers' needs and expectation
  • Implement the international CX standards to outperform the competitors
  • Acquire the unique skillset that helps your career in any multicultural environment
  • Explore the specifics of multicultural consumers and how to apply right CX principles
  • Study the crucial elements of Client Experience management to succeed
  • Apply the distinct elements of digital experience for your international clients
  • Master the channels of delivering the perfect cross-cultural consumer experience
  • Know how to maximize profits via introduction of multicultural CX consistency
  • Develop strong understanding on various elements of Multicultural Environment
  • Establish and implement company standards for getting ready for global extension
  • Use best CX praxis for multicultural customers to attain loyalty and happiness

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