Communicate to Negotiate - Influence and Persuade

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We interact with others on daily basis and our communications can influence different aspects of our lives. Knowing how to communicate well can have a significant impact on an individual's success and so it pays to constantly train on it and aim to improve your performance. Presenting is almost a necessity in many job roles today and the ability to present with an impact is critical. A presenter has a message to deliver and wants to get the maximum effect with minimum effort. Negotiation is a skill that we use almost every day. However negotiation is also one of those skills that everyone learns on the job. From early age kids learn how to negotiate with their parents over what they want and enhance this skill as they learn from their success. However as we grow we seem to lose that skill and become less successful in getting exactly what we want. Somehow our perspective changes and we develop bad habits. Unfortunately most people are not trained systematically on negotiations even though this skill can be quite beneficial to them in both their personal and professional lives.

Who should take this course

All those who want to improve their influencing and persuasion skills.



Course content

Module 1 - Communication Skills. Analysing communication methods. Effectively structuring your communication. Obtaining the benefits of active listening. Overcoming barriers to communications. Understanding the role of paradigm and perception. Comprehending different communication styles

Module 2 - Negotiating Win/Win Outcomes. Why do you need to negotiate? What types of negotiations exist? What are the characteristics of a confident negotiator? How to handle conflicts in negotiations. What steps do you need to go through when negotiating? What is the difference between negotiation and persuasion? Defining the Negotiation Environment. The range of negotiation styles and practices. Differentiating win/win from win/lose. Defining the wise agreement. Knowing when to Agree Bargain Control or Delay (ABCD). Creating and adjusting plans based on SWOT analysis. Identifying Emotional Intelligence (E.I.). Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) and communication filters. Arriving at wise agreements.

Module 3 - Effective and memorable presentations. Learn to approach the design of a presentation and learn which areas you need to focus on most. What techniques you can use to engage the audience such as laughter story-telling etc. What to do to make your presentation viral so that your audience will spread your message through word of mouth. From a blank sheet all the way to a detailed and comprehensive presentation. Learn how to make an engaging story that your audience will remember. Communicating for impact. Body language and how it can help you come across as a great' presenter. Handling questions. What not to do during presentations which may undermine you or your message.

Module 4 - Influencing Skills. How to establish rapport. How to use a simple 3-step technique to make people feel more comfortable in accepting your ideas. How to inspire others. How to use the 10-step persuasion technique to systematically prepare for an event where you expect to persuade others. What verbal techniques you should be aware of to improve your chances of success?

Module 5 - Communication Strategies. The Ten Commandments of Positive Relationships What is a Skilled Communicator? Communication Barriers The Johari Window? Frame of Reference Five Approaches to Relationships. Wrap-Up.

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