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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Critical thinking is a process of conceptualizing, analyzing and evaluating the gathered information in order to form appropriate actions. The information may come from an experience, reflection or communication. In its ideal form, critical thinking comprises of universal intellectual values.

Critical thinking consists of two components:

  • A set of information and necessary skills to process
  • A habit to use intellectual commitment in order to guide the behaviors

A well cultivated critical thinker:

  • Formulate vital questions and problems, analyses answers
  • Use abstract ideas and gathers relevant information
  • Draw well reasoned conclusions and solutions against the relevant standards
  • Thinks with an open mind within alternative systems of thought
  • Communicates effectively with other people and in diagnosing the complex problems

Who should take this course

All business professionals who are seeking to achieve better results in businesses.


IKL Certificate

Course content

  • Learning outcomes
  • Critical thinking in business
  • The RED method of critical thinking
  • Appraising your critical thinking
  • Context for critical thinking: organizational awareness and managing relationships
  • Applying critical thinking skills and tools
  • Implementing new knowledge and skills

About Course Provider

Institute of Knowledge and Leadership (IKL) has emerged on the global map of learning, talent development and executive education as a highly advanced and qualified training platform. IKL is based in Dubai and serves prominent clients from across the MENASA region.

The distinctive factor about IKL is its significant, highly qualified and skilled pool of global trainers, primarily equipped with state of the art training methods and techniques coupled with the passion to share knowledge and to co - create a value proposition with organizations and their teams. IKL has trainers across the globe from 25 nationalities, over 200+ knowledge areas, and with a cumulative training, knowledge creation, sharing, and dissemination experience for over 1000+ years with over 2 million participants globally.