Customer Experience Perfection for CEO

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

The contemporary trends in business environment dictate us to place customer experience as the top priority of any successful business strategy. To make sure such priority is set properly company management has to be certain that all client's interactions with your company are seamless and smooth. It becomes possible only by following the principles of Customer Experience (CX) Perfection.

Every Manager and CEO has to ensure that CX is introduced and successfully executed by the entire organization. To achieve it, the larger picture of all central elements of modern CX must be seen. The present course provides far-reaching knowledge on Client Experience and vital principles of CX Management. It provides the skills how to evaluate and proceed with implementation of best principles of Customer Experience and make the related structuring or restructuring with minimum cost and time whereby achieving best CX outcome and become industry leaders.

Change your vision on CX and expand your CEO knowledge on associated topics. These include:

  • Knowledge on the true expectations and wants of your clients
  • Impact of HR strategy and decisions on the overall company success
  • Best tactics to pursue to provide excellent Digital experience
  • Skills on establishing the most appropriate CX standards
  • Possession of insights on the present and future CX developments

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Essentials of Customer Experience and its present-day prevailing significance
  • Your key Role as CEO in the delivery of outstanding Consumer Experience
  • Understating your Clients and Defining and Meeting their Needs and Expectations
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) – true meaning and guiding principles
  • Revealing reasons and consequences of changes in clients Expectations
  • Structuring Customer Experience and altering to particular Business Type
  • Defining and setting the right CEM Performance Benchmark for your company
  • CX Management best Practices to design and achieve top Service Standards
  • Duties within Human Resources Management for provision of Excellent Service
  • Inevitability of flawless Digital Experience – how to provide and best praxis
  • Forecasts for the Digital Client Experience and Smart Technologies
  • Key role of SEO in developing and applying Standards for CX Excellence
  • Managing company's achievement and sustainment of the CX Success
  • Applying the methods of evaluating your services from Clients Prospective
  • Common Risks and Challenges on the way to great Consumer Experience
  • Examples of International Companies delivering perfect Customer Experience
  • Analysing Business Cases and designing your own after-course Action Plan

On this Atton Institute course you learn how to:

  • Lead your company to the top by successful implementation of outstanding CX
  • Identify strategy and steps for seamless Customer Experience Management
  • Recognize reasons of changing client expectations and how to deal with it
  • Upgrade the processes of your company to obligatory level of modern CX standards
  • Develop clear structure of CX measurements that perfectly fits your organization type
  • Study strategies to create the amazing customer experience internally and externally
  • Build and manage professional team which is capable to consistently deliver great CX
  • Reveal potential pitfalls and know the tactics on to how to prevent them
  • Master ways to achieve, maintain and control the best stable performance
  • Enhance your overall CEO skills and abilities to manage your team
  • Know best international practices and utilize the best applicable experience

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