Customer Experience & Smart Technologies Masterclass

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Customer Experience (CX) is the resulting outcome from the combination of all interactions between client and business or non-commercial entity. Positive CX means the interaction is satisfactory, and negative - that there are some clear weak points which are to be upgraded on a product or service side. These days CX is the central element thus high grade of attention is to be paid to it.

This Atton course covers numerous chapters of Consumer Experience, clarifies the central points on how to understand customers` needs and expectation and how business and non-commercial entities can benefit from using the modern technologies. It also thoroughly studies the technological aspects that are especially vital in terms of modern tendencies and smart technologies and its link to CX. Digital Client experience has become an integral part of our world thus competence and proficiency is this area is the highly demanded and prized knowledge to possess

Participants of this Certified Masterclass obtain, on top of what is mentioned above, the following elements of Digital CX:

  • Essentials and role of Customer Experience for all types of entities
  • Latest developments and trends in Smart Technologies and Digital CX
  • How to perform up-to-date CX analytics using the latest techniques
  • Creating ecosystems where CX is be integrated into Smart Technologies
  • Developing practical plan to deliver continuous Buyer Experience

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Introduction to the Customer Experience and its correct meaning
  • Client Experience Essentials and its role for a Company
  • Definition, Importance and Key elements of Customer Experience
  • Best Praxis to provide the continuous Consumer Service Continuously
  • Customer Experience Measurement Pyramid - McKinsey Method
  • Reviewing how Technologies help to understand Consumer Needs & Expectations
  • Changes in Consumers Expectations and Wants due to influence of Technologies
  • Digital Experience as the game-changer – exploring Central Reasons Why
  • Smart Tech Transforming CX – what to expect from near Future
  • What Business can learn about CX from the latest Trends in Smart Technologies
  • Risks and challenges of Smart Technologies Implementation and Support
  • Looking into the future - Artificial Intelligence and Social Engagement
  • How to deliver great Client Experience and apprise Results
  • Best praxis of international companies and lessons from it
  • Your personal check lists and action plan upon masterclass completion

The completion of this highly comprehensive ad intensive masterclass lets its participants to:

  • Know all the essentials and elements of Digital Customer Experience
  • Empower yourself to succeed in building great client experience principles
  • Study the ways to get inside the consumers' minds via smart technologies tools
  • Diversify skills and increase your professional power with the prized knowledge
  • Understand the underlying reasons why customers' expectations are changing
  • Learn how business can benefit from the present shift into digital environment
  • Explore technologies that can skyrocket your company to the leaders league
  • Get the latest tactics and tips that enhance your work process and outcome
  • Receive newest views and perceptions on subjects you have difficulties with
  • Increase performance, efficiency and open new opportunities for your career growth
  • Know the best praxis of the leading companies and insights of its implementation

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