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Course Overview

The Importance of Good Supervision: Good supervision is at the heart of every business. Supervisors are the one who act as backbone of the business operations. They are responsible to link the strategic planning with the body organization.

Characteristics of Good Supervisors:

  • Create a high performance culture (set the appropriate behaviors)
  • Influence the employee retention (people feel loyal to their supervisors)
  • Improve employee job satisfaction and their commitment to the work
  • Foster trust and employee engagement at work
  • Create repute of the organization (words get spread that the people in this organization get fair treatment)

Ineffective Supervisors may cause:

  • Increased absenteeism (because employees feel dissatisfied at work)
  • Deteriorates productivity(because employees don’t put efforts)
  • Workplace conflict (because there is lack of trust between team members and the supervisors)
  • Safety problems (because employees are not encouraged to care for each other)
  • Resentment toward upper management (because there is communication gap between all the levels of the organization)

The impacts mentioned above show that supervisors behavior play the key role in shaping the acts of the work force or the ones around them. Supervisors are responsible to manage day to day operations in order to meet all the targets. Their decisions impact all the work areas. Hence, it is very important to train them with the effective techniques and tools of good supervision. This course is designed to address this need.

Who should take this course

Supervisors, foremen, team leads from all departments and functions.


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Institute of Knowledge and Leadership (IKL) has emerged on the global map of learning, talent development and executive education as a highly advanced and qualified training platform. IKL is based in Dubai and serves prominent clients from across the MENASA region.

The distinctive factor about IKL is its significant, highly qualified and skilled pool of global trainers, primarily equipped with state of the art training methods and techniques coupled with the passion to share knowledge and to co - create a value proposition with organizations and their teams. IKL has trainers across the globe from 25 nationalities, over 200+ knowledge areas, and with a cumulative training, knowledge creation, sharing, and dissemination experience for over 1000+ years with over 2 million participants globally.

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