Furnaces - Safe Operation and Optimization

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To describe industrial combustion phenomena and calculate the air/fuel ratio for optimumcombustion. To identify bad-quality combustion from flue gas analysis and flame study and implement correctivesteps. To list and apply the main steps of a furnace start-up procedure. To recognize the main operating and material constraints for an optimal safe and reliable furnace operation.

Who should take this course

Operators panel operators, supervisors and plant managers of refining chemical and petrochemical plants involved in furnace operation. Engineers and supervisors concerned with various safety optimization andoperating issues of furnaces.



Course content

Furnace construction and operating conditions. Different types of furnace and their functions. Operating conditions. Distribution of heat influence of operating conditions. Efficiency of energy recovery. Estimation rule parameters governing furnace efficiency scope and limitations for improving furnace efficiency. Construction of heat exchange areas and refractory materials: tube bundle arrangement insulation type of materials used and operating limits.

Combustion - Burners - Combustion conditions:

  • Stoichiometric air/fuel ratio, heating value liquid and gas fuel characteristics liquid spray.
  • Burners - fuel and air supply and mixture burner operation low NOx burner characteristics.
  • Combustion quality - analysis of the oxygen and the unburned material in the flue gases control of the combustion air flow rate air/fuel ratio control.
  • Combustion safety - flame detection control and safety devices on the fuel circuits.
  • Air and flue gas circulation - natural draft forced draft pressure differential control automatic safety devices. Damper or forced draft fan role. Impact of furnace positive pressure.


Natural and forced draft pressure profile drawing. Review of draft constraints. Presentation of different types of burners and spraying systems. Heat transfer and tube coil. Heat transfer to the tube bundle - heat flux conduction convection and radiation parameters governing heat transfer tube skin temperature type of fuel burned tube temperatures fouling effects. Division of the heated fluid into several passes: control of partition low flowrate safety systems.

Heating control:

  • Process fluid outlet temperature fuel flowrate control. Most important furnace temperature and constraints - skin temperature bridgewall temperature limits and risk of overcoming
  • Application - furnace temperature profile and heat recovery distribution as a function of fuel burned and combustion air excess.
  • Furnace operation - On-stream furnace operations - monitoring of combustion and heating. Modifying operating conditions. Analysis of disturbances. Key points for safe operation operating conditions control and follow-up.
  • Start-up and shutdown - preparation safe ignition procedures ignition after a short shutdown normal shutdown emergency shutdown.
  • Incidents - explosive atmosphere in the radiation zone tube rupture unbalancing of the heat etc. Diagnostic facilities; troubleshooting.


  • Case study of furnaces incidents. Start-up procedure study.

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