HR - Structuring and Managing Customer Experience Team

UAE, Dubai
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Course Type
Professional Training Course
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Course Fee
$3,300 $2,790 only

Course Overview

Times when organization structure was built mainly around sales and authoritarian management are gone, and nowadays successful companies are focused on their employees and building great teams. Finding the right people for a company is the hard and challenging task, and this is especially true when HR is appointed to put together and build a successful Customer Experience team.

Building great CX team demands right attitude and skills along with professional confidence on all the particulars of the nowadays CX challenges and the related qualifications and skills CX team members must possess. On this course, HR pros are equipped with all tools and knowledge that enable effective structuring and managing of Client Experience Team. Course studies all the essentials and advanced practices of HR Management on hiring right employees and further retention and motivation tactics with the target to build the winning CX team.

Atton Institute course attendees master their HRM skills on the particulars of CX and associated personnel requirements. The masterclass delivers the professional view on:

  • Challenges of Customer Experience Management and team building
  • Setting the best HR standards for client experience team
  • Make the exact and complete job design for perfect CX team members
  • Evaluate an existing team and find potential for improvements
  • Develop advanced program for motivation and results achievement

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Defining and understanding the Substance of Customer Experience (CX)
  • Studying the essentials and objectives of successful HR Management
  • Setting the right Standards of HR Management for Consumer Experience Team
  • Fundamentals of avoiding potential faults in Recruitment and Management
  • Particular skills essentials in HRM and structuring for Client Experience Team
  • Importance of HR for Consumer Experience and Key elements HR can impact
  • Satisfaction of employees and its link with Loyalty & Happiness of customers
  • Job Analysis & Design for building superior Client Experience Team
  • Assessment of the Existing Team from the perspective of CX Management
  • Competent selection of new candidates – Standards, Trends, Tools, Top Tips
  • Trainings and professional Development of new and existing Team Members
  • Increasing role of Education and Trainings for Client-Oriented business
  • Use of the latest Methodologies in Administration & Performance Management
  • Employees development & retention as the tool for Productivity Increase
  • Detailed look into available types of Motivation and forming Positive Morale
  • Global present and future aspects of international team building and management
  • International Businesses with amazing CX teams and making your action plan

By the completion of this intense course, its attendees get the perfect overview and master their professional knowledge.

The course lets you:

  • Know the essentials of HR management adapted to the modern business world
  • Study how to make the right choice in the course of selection and recruiting
  • Expand your potential and skills as HR professional for career growth
  • Evaluate the existing results and best means to improve the team performance
  • Build an efficient plan for trainings of new and existing CX team members
  • Apply modern principles of employees' performance management
  • Increase the earnings and efficiency via improved performance of your team
  • Align standards of your organization to the best global models
  • Use the obtained HRM knowledge and boost your and team's performance
  • Identify the opportunities for great improvements in a company
  • Develop detailed strategy for building excellent Customer Experience Team

About Course Provider

Atton Institute Dubai offers the full spectrum of professional courses in all main segments of professional education.

“Atton” means authority and supremacy. “Institute” means the center of education on specific subjects with the aim to achieve superlative results.

Atton Institute in Dubai, the UAE is the ultimate combination of both of these elements: Knowledge and Expertise Supremacy, achieved through dedicated Professional Courses.

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