Leadership Excellence for Internal Auditors

UAE, Dubai - Conrad Hotel, Dubai
27 - 29 Mar 2018 (3 days)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Leadership Excellence for Internal Auditors, is a set of three courses which cover the full range of skills required by Internal Auditors to deliver high-quality and effective assurance to modern organisations.

These courses also help prepare those who wish to appear for the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) examinations.

These in-depth courses are designed for existing, new and aspiring internal audit leaders:

  • New leaders will learn the key skills and competencies required to be successful.
  • Existing leaders will add credibility to their current leadership role.
  • Aspiring leaders will demonstrate that they have the key leadership competencies valued by executives and stakeholders in your organisation.

This programme will help drive your success by developing your confidence and credibility in three key areas of leadership: Internal Audit Leadership, Organisational Leadership and Ethical Leadership. These are also the key areas of the Qualification in Internal Audit (QIAL) examination.

Who should take this course

Please note that these courses cover the full range of skills required by internal audit leaders to deliver high-quality and effective assurance in their organisations. The courses will also help you in your preparation to pass the QIAL exams. The benefits from this programme are transferable and all leaders will enhance their leadership skills, abilities and competencies to enable improved value add to their organisations, whether, or not, they intend to sit the QIAL exams. Chief Audit Executives, Heads of Internal Audit, Directors of Internal Audit, Senior Audit Managers, Senior Internal Auditors, Internal Auditors


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Benefits of Attending

  • Demonstrate skills, competencies and abilities as an internal audit leader to maximise the value-add to your organisation
  • Maximise your impact as an internal audit leader to ensure your team is resourced effectively and appropriately to deliver the correct level of assurance to their senior stakeholders
  • Understand the role of the modern internal audit leader in adopting both, assurance and consultancy services to improve organisational performance
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how governance, risk, control, strategy and ethical approaches in your organisation can provide the opportunity to improve your organisation's bottom line
  • Develop and improve your ability to apply your learning to addressing practical case

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