Masterclass in Direct Marketing & Sales

UAE, Dubai
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Direct marketing enables direct communication with customers, both present and potential, and sending them the targeted marketing messages for the subsequent successful sales. The ongoing evolution of the existing and new offline and digital channels and tools of Direct Marketing are turning it into the new chapter of development and opportunities.

This Atton Institute Masterclass reveals how to develop and implement direct marketing campaigns that lead to outstanding Sales results. This intensive training session helps you to build direct marketing campaigns that are efficient and cost-effective. You will study various best practices, techniques, insights and real-world examples of direct marketing and how to omit possible faults. Course participants explore what brings real results in direct marketing and study the range of easy-to-implement successful tactics and consumer psychology principles to achieve the best outcome.

The Masterclass participants build the foundation of knowledge and skills on the concept of the strong interrelationship of Direct Marketing and Sales and learn:

  • All major forms of Direct Marketing and how to use the right ones
  • Modern Direct Marketing praxis and how technologies change the game
  • How to efficiently build Direct Marketing into the entire company strategy
  • Methods and best praxis on how to make Sales process effective
  • Existing and future landscape of Sales and Direct Marketing

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Direct Marketing role and principles and its Essence for you and your Customers
  • Power of Direct Marketing & Sales – defining efficient approach for Winning Strategy
  • Common Types of Direct Marketing and choosing the right one to Outperform Competitors
  • Modern Direct Marketing and Digital Technologies – designing the perfect mix
  • Consumer and Direct Sales – Targeting and Distribution of Products and Services
  • Defining Strategy and Direct Marketing & Sales Plan and measuring the Results
  • Implanting Direct Marketing within the context of the company's overall Strategy
  • Top tips to strengthen your company's strategy and standing with Direct Marketing tools
  • Cost cutting on sales channels vs. increase of requirements on support – the right balance
  • Sales Fundamentals under the influence of the model of Modern Clients Environment
  • Benefits of Direct Marketing for the Sales and optimization of sales cycle
  • Direct Marketing & Sales in the Digital World – vital changes of the success formula
  • Introducing New Marketing and Sales approach into the present Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding the changing Business Scenery resulted by Direct Marketing and Sales
  • The landscape of Direct Marketing & Sales – analyzing Current and Future Trends
  • Masterclass Summary and analysis of practical training sessions cases

The Masterclass provides the solid foundation and professional know-how on the subject area and lets you feel highly self-confident to:

  • Understand the role of direct marketing within the overall company's marketing plan
  • Plan and implement direct marketing campaigns with structured methodology
  • Create and implement objectives-driven marketing and sales promotion campaigns
  • Find new ways to grow professionally using the advanced direct marketing expertise
  • Study and apply the principles of financial control over direct marketing campaigns
  • Define the best strategies how Direct Marketing can improve the Sale Process
  • Utilize effectively predefined marketing budget to achieve highest results
  • Possess the knowledge on how to get best outcome with the latest digital world tools
  • Create sustainable value for consumers and as result increase the revenue stream
  • Reveal the new prospects of your skills upsurge and professional growth
  • Explore the most practical and valuable upcoming trends in Direct Marketing

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