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Professional Training Course
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The MBA in Education Leadership and Management develops your leadership abilities with special emphasis on employing those skills to shape and develop strategic plans, professional development and management of staff and faculty. It also provides instruction on the operational management and planning of inclusive, academically nurturing learning environments, combining traditional business and management studies with educayional leadership course work.

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Working Professional


Bachelor Degree or Equivalent



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18 courses + Master Thesis

About Course Provider

We have eight Specializations in Master of Business Education and One Specialization in Bachelor of Business Administration.

Lincoln University of Business and Management Offers BBA, MBA, Diploma Courses in United Arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Expanding in Africa. LUBM is an organization committed to imparting quality business and management education to working adults in Middle East and beyond. Having commenced our operations in 2014 and trained over 1400 students, we are focused on development and delivery of quality education & training to assist in career growth of working adults from varied industries with BBA, MBA, Diploma Courses. We embrace latest technologies in delivery of our programs, allowing us to create new opportunities for learners around the world to develop and enhance their skills.

The sole idea governing the organization of LUBM is to empower working adults with continuous education in BBA, MBA, Diploma Courses that they would be able to implement in their work environment immediately and in future. A team of professionals associated with different departments in BBA, MBA, Diploma Courses joined hands with academicians and founded LUBM in the year 2014.