MBA in HealthCare Management

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Postgraduate Course
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Course Overview

Healthcare Management has evolved into a dynamic and complex field with an ability to churn various employment opportunities as the industry continues to grow. This diverse industry is always changing due to scientific discoveries that bring significant contributions to improve the

Who should take this course

The Courses are designed for the following Professionals:

  • Doctors
  • HealthCare Specialist
  • Nurses


Dual Accredited: USA & Italy

Course content

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management is designed to prepare students to oversee operations and services in healthcare facilities. MBA students pursuing this concentration explore principles of business, marketing, finance, and effective management as they relate to the global healthcare system. Students also learn about the relationship between medical professionals and patients, and they analyze how these relationships impact operations in healthcare facilities.

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Marconi research spans from Economics and Arts to Applied Science and Technologies, in accordance with societal changes and progress. Our approach is based on the development of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences, with a particular emphasis on the global perspective. A commitment to excellence and quality inspires our programs, which aim to prepare students to face global changes and to successfully apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations.

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