Modern Strategic Brand Management

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Every business wants to be a customer's first choice. Building and managing a brand plays a crucial part in making that happen. Your brand defines and maintains your business's reputation and echoes your customers' expectations and experience. Your brand is what you offer to your customers - not just a product or service, for which there may be a number of other providers. A strong brand makes a business stand out in the highly competitive markets and allows you to sell your products or services at a premium.

This training course is your guide to the world of strategic branding. Participants explore what branding is about and what makes certain brands different. We study the strategic branding process and how to identify a product's main features, benefits, and values. You'll learn what positioning is, and study how to transform your team into brand ambassadors, and how to create a unique experience at every touchpoint. The course provides insights on brand equity and brand value as well as a formula to build your brand name and value both locally and internationally.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, we will cover several crucial points in strategic branding, such as:

  • How to develop brand positioning for your competitive advantage
  • Creating a personal branding plan which lets you stand out
  • Understanding techniques and tactics for developing and maintaining the brand
  • Developing a unique brand that will be impossible for others to copy
  • Fundamental rules and strategies for creating an excellent Digital Branding Strategy

Who should take this course

For those involve in Modern Strategic Brand Management.


Certificate of Competion

Course content


  • The true meaning of a Brand & the difference between Branding and Marketing
  • The latest Challenges and Opportunities of Product Differentiation & Branding
  • Consumers' Expectations for added Value and why Branding is a Risk Reducer
  • Developing the correct Brand Positioning, Segmentation and Targeting
  • Five Central Criteria in Modern Marketing for creating and managing Brand Equity
  • Winning and maintaining Customer Loyalty and Client Retention via Branding


  • Structuring your Branding Strategy & Planning for Brand Management
  • Profiling your Target Customers and exploring your Brand Context
  • Elements of the strategic Brand Management Process and how to execute them
  • Understanding essential Components for a Stronger Brand Equity
  • How to manage a Brand within the entire Product Life Cycle; Psychology of Branding
  • Identifying / defining Sources of Brand Value and exploring Available Techniques


  • Establishing Brand Positioning as a Foundation of Success for the Company
  • Advanced Modern Changes you should embed into your Branding Strategy
  • How Digital Media is changing the world of Branding -Old-School vs Digital
  • Harmonizing Modern and Traditional Branding Channels for present-day Success
  • Branding Reputation and Crisis Management - tools, steps and proven Methods

What will you gain

  • Understand why branding matters so much and how brands create Value
  • Identify the best brand strategies in alignment with existing and new Market Trends
  • Explore the elements of Brand Equity and identify how to build sustainable brands
  • Study the process of conducting a full Brand Audit to evaluate brand performance
  • Create a compelling Brand via online channels and identify the digital consumer mindset
  • Learn how to craft Brand Positioning and Brand Experience by managing touchpoints
  • Monitor and Evaluate your Product Branding and understand how to respond to the results
  • Get the essential skills and know-how on how to improve your results as a Brand Manager
  • Know how to position a Brand as relevant, distinct and engaging for your Target Customers
  • Create the most efficient ways to manage your Reputation online and mitigate possible risks
  • Build a Strategic Brand and track its growth and sustainability using a qualified approach

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