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The ability to negotiate skilfully - to craft an agreement, resolve differences and influence stakeholders - is fundamental to success. Negotiation effectiveness directly impacts the real value on business deals; it also shapes your longer term relationships with important stakeholders.

Who should take this course

This program has been designed for HR personnel who need to be involved in Negotiations for Salaries and benefits, contract conditions and starting times

Course content


  • Day one will explore the core theory and practice of negotiation. It will focus on your individual negotiation style and provide you with an understanding of how negotiations work both structurally and chronologically.
  • Defining And Understanding Negotiation
  • The Two Primary Approaches
  • Negotiation Simulation - One-On-One
  • The Principal Tensions Of Negotiation And How To Manage Them
  • Biases Affecting Judgment
  • Slow Thinking Vs Fast Thinking - Systems 1 And 2 (Kahneman's Dual Process Theory)
  • Techniques For Exercising Sound Judgment
  • Ethical Styles Of Negotiation
  • Identify Your Individual Style Of Negotiation
  • Adjusting Your Negotiating Style To Suit The Situation
  • Characteristics Of An Effective Negotiator
  • Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses Self-Managed Outcomes
  • Bargaining - The Contrast Between Distributive And Integrative Methods
  • Strategies And Tactics Of Integrative Bargaining


  • Day two will show you how to do it. It will teach you how to make strategic decisions and position yourself in negotiations using highly practical and usable skills. It offers unique insights into why negotiation can be a counter-intuitive discipline and how your instincts can be unreliable.
  • Negotiation Simulation
  • Common Mistakes Made By Negotiators
  • Checklists Before Closure
  • How To Plan For Negotiation Through A Process Of Disciplined And Methodical Preparation - Negotiation Worksheet
  • Diagnostic Checklist - A Crucial Discipline For Closing A Negotiation
  • An Unconditionally Constructive Strategy For Dealing With Difficult People
  • Negotiating About Negotiation
  • Re-Booting - A Unique Process Which Negates Your Counter Party's Starting Point
  • Slow Forward Controlled Momentum - Impasse Vs Uncontrolled Escalation
  • Listening - What To Do And How To Do It
  • How To Close.


  • Day three will focus exclusively on continuing levels of complexity in both exercises and role plays. Participants will watch each other negotiate as well as themselves through reviewing videos.

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