NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification

UAE, Dubai - University of Dubai Campus, Dubai Academic City
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This course combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching and is taught by Prof Kamarul Zaman, a Full Professor of Management from the University of Dubai, who is also a certified NLP trainer (with the American Board of NLP i.e., ABNLP) and Certified Coach Trainer (with INLPCA). NLP is the art and science of using the language of the mind to consistently produce your desired results, to enhance your performance and to attain excellence in anything that you do. Coaching is enabling others to do the same. This course combines NLP and Coaching and is backed by the latest scientific research in organizational behavior and psychology conducted by the trainer.

Together they are proven methods for experiencing wealth, fortune, health, happiness, love, freedom and other abundant riches life has to offer. Now all adults, young and old, can have access to and use this amazing discovery for personal success, leadership, motivation, memory improvement, emotional intelligence, growth, and change. Learn to lead a life of your own design.

Change your life, and Coach others to do the same.

Who should take this course

Ability to read and understand English as the workbook and course is entirely in English. 100% attendance for the course is mandatory.


Ability to read and understand English as the workbook and course is entirely in English. 100% attendance for the course is mandatory.

Career options after graduation


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American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) International NLP Coach Association (INLPCA)

Course content

Presuppositions of NLP- Guidelines for sustainable success as an NLP Practitioner & Coach The NLP Communication model – the human perceptual model Modalities techniques– visual, auditory and kinesthetic – to improve communication Submodalities techniques – for motivation, removal of harmful habits and behaviors Hierarchy of Ideas – to improve communication with yourself and others Milton Model hypnotic patterns- to improve communication with yourself and others Meta Model – the art of cross-examination and finding out the actual problem Reframing – winning an argument, seeing the other’s point of view Strategies for decision-making, love, etc Eye patterns – for memory improvement Anchoring- for managing emotions Time Line Therapy® for removing negative emotions and limiting beliefsM

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