UAE, Dubai
Starts Sep 2019 (36 weeks)
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Postgraduate Course
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PGCE Secondary English Education (11 - 18 years)

Across the globe schools are seeking dynamic and highly qualified teachers to support pupils learning into the future. Staff within the School of Education have been working closely with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) which is responsible for the growth and quality of education on the development of this high-quality teacher training programme which leads to the award of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at secondary level.

The School of Education at the University of Birmingham has a long-standing reputation as a centre of excellence for teacher training and research in a wide range of areas of educational practice and policy. Our one year full-time teacher training programme will prepare you for entry into the teaching profession as a reflective and critically aware practitioner through a significant emphasis on research-led teacher education.

Designed for those who want to teach pupils aged 11-18 (High School level) this teacher training programme is based on both the UK and UAE standards and will include key elements delivered by staff from the University of Birmingham in Dubai supported by senior teachers in schools.

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Designed for those who want to teach pupils aged 11-18 the Secondary English Education teacher training programme is a full time one year programme with some of this time being spent in placement schools. It includes study around teaching methods school-based work and whole-school issues. This teacher training course is designed to enable students to become reflective confident practitioners as well as offering a strong conceptual framework about education children English and classroom teaching. The teacher training programme is designed to meet recognised teacher standards in the UAE and UK and time is spent in placement schools to develop the necessary experience and skills. All key areas of teaching English will be covered including speaking and listening reading writing grammar media and drama. Whole school issues such as equal opportunities catering for Special Educational Needs and assessment of learning in English feed through the main subject course.

During school placements students will apply what they have learnt and continue learning through observing experienced teachers team teaching with peers and teachers and supported solo teaching within classes. As the teacher training course progresses students will develop increasing confidence and expertise in selecting from a repertoire of learning activities that are supported by appropriate use of resources and technology. The PGCE Teacher Training programme has an excellent and proven track record. It is rigorous and challenging forming an excellent preparation for a successful career in teaching English.

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We have been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. Characterised by a tradition of innovation, research at the University has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people’s lives.