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Litigation is still the main method in the world by which parties seek to resolve civil disputes. Civil litigation is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and involves each party trying to prove their case on a balance of probabilities usually before a judge. Parties to the litigation must comply with the CPR although the rules vary depending on the type of case and the value of the claim.

Who should take this course

Consultants lawyers and legal directors working in the private sector-public-oil-cooperative joint sector and independent government bodies lawyers directors and members of legal and representative departments as well as those interested in practical practice in the fields of legal work and judicial.



Course content


  • Qualitative-local-value.
  • Methods of filing and registration (application forms).
  • The presence of liabilities and their absence and the power of attorney in litigation.
  • Announcements and the job role of the Minutes.
  • Prepared papers (practical applications).
  • Meeting procedures and the system of meetings.
  • Writing memos and pleadings. and preparation of document portfolios.

Rules for the formulation of defence:

  • Formal defence - substantive defence.
  • Records and evidence.
  • Rules and procedures for the judges ' response.
  • Calendar features of the state justice system.
  • Rules for appeal of judgements.
  • Full grasp of the principle of legality.
  • Martial arts and defence.
  • Formal defence substantive defence .
  • The oral review.
  • Written pleadings.
  • Legal writing assets.
  • The origins of legal interpretation.
  • Arbitration disputes and procedures

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