Professional Communications for Marketing and Sales (PCMS)

UAE, Dubai
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

One of the main conditions for company success is the effective and long-term relationships with the company's customers. Communication is the underling factor for the success of such clients' relationships. It makes prospects to be your existing customers and existing clients to be your long clientele whereby this materializes with minimal or no investments to be done.

Communications is the bottom line for businesses of various types. This intensive course provides the master expertise on how to make your communications to work successfully in the entire company and particularly in the Marketing and Sales. Participants study multiple marketing communication tools and channels of one and two-way communications as well as fundamental communicational behaviour principles. Upon completion, participants are able to transform the exiting marketing plan into the perfectly balanced marketing & communication strategy.

In the intensive course, you will master new insights that bring your business and career to a next level. These include:

  • Understand what your customers really want and value
  • Know and utilize the best communication channels
  • Recognize the importance of ongoing Marketing Dialogue
  • Study the real value of concentrating on Customer Experience
  • Be fit for the present and future trends in Sales & Marketing

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Essentials & understanding how Marketing Communications works
  • The role of Marketing Communications and its effect on your Customers
  • Communication with your Clients – Mastering Priorities setting and Process Flow
  • Exploring various types of Competent Communication with Clients in Focus
  • Competent Communication Behaviour and how to achieve Communication Goals
  • Advanced Technologies and Trends transforming Communication with Customers
  • Increasing influence of Digital Services and Smart Technologies
  • The end of Marketing Monologue and importance of the Consumers' Dialogue
  • Critical changes & expanding landscape in Communications and Master Practices
  • Main Channels of "Two-Way" communications with Consumer
  • The efficient Expert Tools of Modern Communications for Marketing and Sales
  • How to use various Marketing Communications tools competently
  • Synergy of Marketing and Sales – enhancing the outcome of Clients Communications
  • How Marketing and Sales should handle customers' feedback – Comprehensive Plan
  • Adding Communication Objectives ingredient into all elements of the Marketing Plan
  • Focus on CX - current and future Trends in Marketing Communications

Upon successful study and completion of this Atton Institute course delegates are able to:

  • Know the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Use Marketing & Sales communication for professional growth
  • Understand the roles and advantages of online and offline channels
  • Possess the best key marketing communication tools and techniques
  • Develop the consistent integrated cross-media strategy
  • Evaluate the communications and results to define success rate
  • Master skills on the systematic qualified marketing approach
  • Structure marketing & sales communications campaign plan
  • Master the professional knowledge and skills in communications
  • Obtain key communication principles and recognize its positive impact
  • Know the latest objectives and trends in Marketing Communication

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Atton Institute in Dubai, the UAE is the ultimate combination of both of these elements: Knowledge and Expertise Supremacy, achieved through dedicated Professional Courses.

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