Professional Manager - Building Successful Team

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Management is one the most highly demanded skills in the labor market. This is the case not because there is a deficiency of managers, but due to the shortage of good and professional ones. In order to become a professional, in-demand Manager, you need experience, expertise and, most crucially, knowledge in building and managing successful and sustainable Teams.

This comprehensive Professional Manager training course gives you the skills to effectively manage People using the best professional Management styles and enables you to know all aspects of modern Team Management. This course is your opportunity to study the entire range of exceptional, well-tested leadership techniques for managing People. Upon completion of the course, you will possess the emotional confidence and knowledge regarding how to get the very best out of your people and be a Leader who motivates people and achieves great and sustainable Team Management results.

In this intensive and highly practical Atton Institute professional leadership training, you will study how to Build a Successful Team and further your leadership abilities, including the following and many other points:

  • Key skills and competencies required by contemporary Professional Managers
  • Styles of Management and the ability to adapt quickly to your surroundings
  • Leadership characteristics required for Team Building and reaching success
  • Professional Management norms and standards necessary for continued success
  • Common challenges in the Management of people and proven solutions

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.


Certificate of Competion

Course content


  • Defining the Role of Professional Manager in the present-day Business World
  • Manager & Leader Competencies - Building a Successful Team and creating a Team Culture
  • Contemporary Business Realities and their evident impact on Management Praxis
  • Groups vs. Teams, Team-building and the compulsory Role and skills of a Manager
  • Organizational Direction: Understanding your Organization's Structure and Priorities
  • What makes your people Exceptional within the existing Organizational Structure


  • Key Elements and tools of a Professional Manager & Leader for Building a Successful Team
  • Skills, People Management Styles and Competencies to be a Great Manager
  • Proficiencies needed to be able to work in a Diverse and Multifaceted Environment
  • Defining Leadership and the actual difference between Leaders and Managers
  • Leadership characteristics & establishing your own Leadership and Management Style
  • Stages of Team Development - Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning


  • Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Performance Management Standards
  • Establishing Professional Rules and Standards for Providing Sustainable Team Results
  • HR fundamentals required for a Professional Manager to Build a Successful Team
  • Working with your HR Department - Advantages, Drawbacks and the Perfect Balance
  • Top Challenges of professional Managers and how to Overcome them with ease
  • Emotional Intelligence as the Universal approach to contemporary Management

This certified Atton Institute training course provides participants with qualifications for building successful teams. Upon completion, you as the training participant will be able to:

  • Strengthen your Management potential and become certified for fast career growth
  • Explore what defines truly efficient Managers and Team Leaders
  • Learn how to manage people and boost their results via the right Management styles
  • Know the current situation with personnel and best ways to improve their performance
  • Apply modern principles of effective performance Management and control
  • Find new opportunities for advancements in developing people and performance
  • Increase your Leader results via the overall improved performance of your people
  • Align the standards of your Team to the best international motivational practices
  • Study more about motivation, hiring, engagement and other key HR procedures
  • Understand how to become a true leader and establish your own leadership style

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