Senior PR and Media Executive - Product or Service Promotion

UAE, Dubai
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Public relations efforts are aimed at presenting a company or a non-commercial entity to the general public and have the crucial impact on its image and positioning. Modern methods, tools and channels greatly increased its influence and ability to reach the wide-ranging audience. PR is truly universal and is advantageous for both large and small businesses and is the highly demanded and valuable expertise.

This Atton Institute course presents the modules of public relations and delivers the key provisions that let senior PR to increase the job efficiency for you and your team. This course is focused on developing senior and executive skills and competences to act effectively in today's organisational environment. Competent public relations and media campaigns drive strategic organisational changes, build public opinions and improve reputation. Well planned and executed campaigns are the cost-effective marketing channels and the method to increase the entire value and standing of an organisation.

Besides the executive skills mentioned above course attendees study:

  • Vital online and offline PR and Media channels for various companies
  • How to stand out of the competition with PR and Customer Experience
  • How to apply the best praxis for implementing changes that work
  • Best measurements to analyze results and make improvements
  • Role of technologies for the changing landscape of PR and Media

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • The role of Product PR Executive from perspective of Customer's Interests
  • PR is not for large corporations only – making use of it by various Business Types
  • Value of PR And Media for Product & Service promotion and sales
  • Global Trends in Public Relations and adjusting the company Marketing Strategy
  • The central Objectives of Product PR and Media Relations for Senior PR
  • Creating product Image & Identity as the Point of Differentiation
  • Online and offline PR and Media Channels to Deliver Your Brand Promise
  • Roles of your Team Members as Communicators between Company and Clients
  • Customer Service, Consumers Interests & Public Relations in focus
  • Best examples and results of Building Brands with Consumer Awareness
  • Product PR and Media – drafting Action Plan and aligning with existing praxis
  • Step-by-step guide on applying your Action Plan with the Systematic Approach
  • How to measure Product PR & Media Campaign Success and progress to next stage
  • Role of Technologies and Changing Client expectations in the Product PR
  • Short look into the thinkable Future of the development of PR and Media
  • Summarizing and putting together checklists and executive action plan

After study and completion of this course delegated are able to:

  • Maximize company' media strength and use accessible media advantages
  • Understand when and how to use PR strategies to manage reputation
  • Implement effective online PR options and management of digital media
  • Advance your Senior PR and Executive skills on highly practical methodologies
  • Guarantee that the key PR and Media messages are conversed effectively
  • Promote your product or service without being too promotional
  • Target digital and print media and win their support for positive exposure
  • Possess key PR skills on all types of communication and editorial techniques
  • Prepare, present and deliver effective presentations and data to public
  • Increase your Executive results by implementing latest technologies
  • Build strategic PR campaigns with attention to the latest applicable praxis

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