Separation Processes - Extraction Distillation and Absorption

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Separation processes are some of the most important processes in the chemical manufacturing and oil and gas industries. Efficient separation leads to high value end products [purity energy efficient and lower energy consumption and emissions for the industry. The most important of these processes include extraction adsorption, absorption and distillations. This course provides details of the scientific principles design of columns operation and simulation for the above approaches. Recent advances are breakthroughs are discussed in detail.

Who should take this course

Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Industrial engineers of any level of experience since the delivery approach can fit their needs. Scientists with interest in any separation technology or/ and in simulation approaches. The level of the examples and exercises can be adjusted in order to meet the experience and requirements of the participants.



Course content

Day 1 - Introduction to separation processes. Chemical properties of interest. Physical properties of interest Micro to macro level separations. Separation importance and economics. Case studies Simulation tools - from computational chemistry to CFD and Process simulation. Importance of simulation stages. Levels of simulation.

Day 2 - Adsorption and Absorption. Interaction energies. Physical vs Chemical adsorption. Porous adsorbents. Types of adsorbents. Adsorption and absorption columns. Absorbents Liquid. Amines and ionic Liquids Separation from multi component mixtures. Efficiency of adsorption and absorption. Reversibility Kinetics and Thermodynamics. Case studies. Simulation examples.

Day 3 - Distillation Principles and equations. Energy consumption McCabe Thiele and empirical equations. Design and Optimization. Case studies Thermodynamics and limitations Novel approaches. Types of combined distillation [multi step extractive adsorptive reactive] Simulation of Distillation.

Day 4 - Extraction Liquid - Liquid extraction principles. Dispersions and colloids Known [classical] vs Novel extraction liquids Ionic Liquids case. Efficiency and energy requirements. Column design Interface extraction. Advances and breakthroughs Specific cases.

Simulation of extraction - Computational Chemistry and Process Simulation examples Limitations Operation and Design.

Day 5 - Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs distillation. Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs adsorption. Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs absorption. Comparative studies of liquid-liquid extraction vs extraction. Economics Troubleshooting Operational stability. Steady state Control Simulation examples of separation processes. Thermodynamic principles Energy and Exergy analysis in industrial processes /separations. Optimization function Sizing and devices Simulation examples of separation processes.

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