Social Media Marketing - Certified Professional

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Social Media is the nowadays key communication tool for companies to reach its consumers. The ability to professionally utilize different channels and platforms of digital media for social media marketing has become the essential skill for business owners, marketing professionals and employees at various company levels. It provides true power for successful marketing and communication.

Atton Institute Social Media Marketing Course delivers via the most advanced learning methods the professional knowledge and skills on how to reach consumers and make companies to be heard and to hear what their clients say. The course provides insights on how to develop the efficient Social Media strategy that turn prospects into loyal customers and delivers great outcome on the marketing efforts. You would study the substance and obtain expertise on how to use numerous Social Media platforms and apply the accessible tools to proficiently design and implement the winning marketing campaigns.

This intensive course extends your professional boundaries and skills and empowers you to:

  • Understand the full power and impact of Social Media Marketing
  • Implement Social Media as the highly efficient Marketing tool
  • Efficiently utilize the hidden strategy of user-generated content
  • Analyse and use the data and statistics with maximum efficiency
  • Apply the cross-channel integration with various marketing elements

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Overview of the Role of the Social Media Marketing and its Exposure on clients
  • Why to use Social Media for Marketing – its advantages and true power
  • Types of Social Media - valuable features and choosing the right approach
  • Social Media platforms – analysing common and forthcoming ones
  • Professional strategy on the existing Landscape of the Social Media
  • Defining the rights types and platforms for your Specific Objectives
  • Utilizing Social Media as a tool to access the Hearts and Minds of your Clients
  • Consumer Digital Culture – characteristics, effects, risks, rewards
  • User-Generated Content as the highly valuable and effective Marketing Element
  • Building professional Social Media Marketing Campaigns with customer centric approach
  • Assessment of your Campaign Success - data collection, analysis and results evaluation
  • Cross-Channel Integration – building extensive market presence of your company
  • Latest & future trends in Social Media - what we all shall be equipped with
  • Course group work – design of check lists, practical case studies and assignments
  • Strategy and tips on putting your course knowledge into daily praxis

After the completion of this Atton Institute Course you become certified professional and obtain the qualifications below:

  • Have top expertise on the essentials of social media landscape
  • Consolidate and master your existing social media knowledge
  • Become certified professional on brand or product promotion
  • Successfully implement Social Media strategies and campaigns
  • Effectively create compelling content to increase online presence
  • Attract larger audience via communication with influencers
  • Generate social media strategy that work and bring results
  • Study the current and future trends in Social Media landscape
  • Design an action plan that comprises the key knowledge and tools
  • Become certified and achieve professional and career progress
  • Possess the best knowledge and experts tips on the subject

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Atton Institute Dubai offers the full spectrum of professional courses in all main segments of professional education.

“Atton” means authority and supremacy. “Institute” means the center of education on specific subjects with the aim to achieve superlative results.

Atton Institute in Dubai, the UAE is the ultimate combination of both of these elements: Knowledge and Expertise Supremacy, achieved through dedicated Professional Courses.

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