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It is sometimes a hard decision to decide which language to learn. Why not choose Urdu? For business, pleasure or just to get a fresh perspective from different corners of our world. It is considered as one of the most polite languages of the world.

Urdu is written in the Persian-Arabic script. If you can read and write Urdu, you will automatically learn to read and write two other languages?β€”?Persian and Arabic?β€”?and you may also understand some words from them too. This melodious language will make you adopt a β€œzen attitude,” thus building social relationships.


KHDA Dubai

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Infonet Institute, a leading Educational and Training Organization in Dubai, is a Management, Finance/ Accounting, Languages and Soft Skills Training Centre established in the year 1999. The Institute has a thrust on Professional Short Term Management Courses aimed at working Professionals. The Institute also has a significant presence in the Institutional segment where it offers learning solutions to corporates and individuals. The Institute has consistently redrawn educational paradigms, introducing new facets to educational courseware, delivery and certifications.

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