Youth Work Principles and Practices

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This program is designed to introduce you to a range of different approaches to working with young people. You may already have experience of youth work. If so, then you have been working in a wide-ranging and complex field. However, you may have experience of only one type of youth work practice. We have designed this program so that you can get a clear understanding of several of the key practices in youth work. This will enable you to develop your insight and skill by allowing you to draw on a rich frame of reference.

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:

  • Define Youth Development concept.
  • Briefly describe, in your own words, the history and position of youth development work in your country.
  • Delineate the professional role of the youth worker.
  • Explain the important factors that have affected youth development work and that influence current trends.
  • Begin working effectively with young people and adults in enabling them to improve the quality of their lives.
  • Select from a range of different approaches to youth development work those that are most appropriate to specific circumstances.

Who should take this course

Youth program coordinators. Young leaders. Youth workers in government departments, corporates and NGOs. School and University teachers. Professionals responsible for policy formulation and strategy development in youth focused organizations.


Certificate of Completion

Course content

Day 1

  • Youth Development
  • What is Youth development? and how does it influence youth work?
  • Youth Development theories and practivcies
  • Interactionist perspective - Functional Perspective
  • Youth Development Values
  • Enabling - Empowering

Day 2

  • Youth development work: history and traditions
  • Youth development work in families and communities
  • Youth work as social and leisure provision
  • Out of school education
  • Youth work for national development
  • Youth welfare work

Day 3

  • Youth development work: models and approaches
  • Treatment Model
  • Reform Model
  • Advocacy Model
  • Conscientisation Model
  • Youth Development Practices

Day 4

  • Youth Worker roles and methods
  • Working face to face with young people in a variety of settings
  • Managing and supporting other paid and volunteer workers
  • Formulating and developing community policies for governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

About Course Provider

Matsh is short abbreviation for The Arab Youth Development Center in Arabic. Matsh is youth development enterprise aims to provide developmental services and programs for young people.

The Main objective of Matsh is to professionalize youth work in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing Youth Development and Youth Work capacity building programs for youth workers, Formulating code of ethics and standards for youth work in MENA region and providing developmental and management consultancy for youth development institutions.

How to enroll?

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