IT Infrastructure - Korean National

Manpower Middle East

Dubai, UAE

Ref: HP647-2722

Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

• Windows installation
• Windows Trouble Shooting
• OS Clone disc / Image creation based on new model.
• OS testing based on new version
• Manually updating windows if needed
• MS Office installation 64 and 32 Bit
• MS Office trouble shooting on application wise not functional wise.
• Jungum Global Installation /Uninstall
• Jungum global trouble shooting
• V3 Anti-Virus installation
• V3 Firewall Checking
• V3 Update Check and modify accordingly
• V3 License check
• SAP installation / reinstall
• SAP configuration with different system (GMP, GFP etc.)
• SAP software trouble shooting
• Provide information like password change, release locked accounts etc.
• GSCM software installation
• GSCM related meta frame and Citric software installation
• Install / Reinstall Clients Universal printer on each PC.
• Configure appropriate department printer on each user PC.
• Install /Reinstall Bandzip for ZIP purpose
• Proxy Installation or Add PAC file.
• Record manual each request with details like start date, End Date, IP address, User and excluded website for records and evaluation purpose.
• Check web site issue, either it is blocked on our firewall or not
• Inform user, what is procedure to get firewall exclusion and what are the things need to be included in the approval process.
• Coordinate with Network team based on firewall block issue
• Install / Reinstall Adobe reader
• Adobe reader trouble shooting
• Install wyzmeeting software based on request.
• Outlook Configuration and testing
• Outlook trouble shooting
• Basic IE trouble shooting
• IE upgrade /Downgrade to HQ recommended version
• IE compatibility Check.
• Make sure Windows firewall is off on each PC.
• Make sure V3 firewall is off on each PC.
• Enable windows update on each PC.
• Uninstall some updates based on issue. It may cause on applications like IE, Power Point etc ..
• Escort Installation / Reinstallation
• User registration
• Provide information to users like policies and approval procedure
• Trouble shooting of escort
• Backup support of Security PIC (Exclusion process)
• Nasca Installation / Reinstallation
• User Registration
• Provide information to users like policies and approval procedure
• Trouble shooting of Nasca
• Backup support of Security PIC (Exclusion process)
• Secu-Print Installation / Reinstallation
• Provide information to users like policies and approval procedure
• Trouble shooting
• Backup support of Security PIC (Exclusion process)
• SLAM Installation / Reinstallation
• Trouble shooting
• Backup support of Security PIC (Exclusion process)
• Fasoo Install/ Reinstall / Uninstall.
• Fasoo trouble shooting
• Check Printer Status
• Printer Assemble and Configuration as per request
• Change consumable items.
• Arrange Service and follow up to get service.
• Get quote from vendors and provided to SDS quote to SGE
• Send PO to vendors to get it deliver.
• Arrange Monitors for new joiners
• Installing and configuring monitor
• IP phone Purchase based SGEHR request
• IP phone configuration
• Trouble shooting
• Key Board and Mouse Basic trouble shooting
• Arrange VC device based on Meeting or request
• Trouble shooting of VC equipment.
• Arrange parts, in case any damage happened on any HW.
• Sometimes arrange quality test with HQ
• IP address assignment and record it on IP Management system
• Trouble Shooting of network issue like LAN network and IP assignment
• uReady registration / Deletion and Modification
• Policy assignment for uReady PC, Mobile U-ready or uReady on Tablet based user grade.
• uReady Installation and Configuration
• uReady Trouble Shooting
• Contact HQ to transfer User ID in case if it registered on another subsidiary.
• Arrange Separate Internet and TV connection based department requirements and approvals for testing purpose
• Upgrade server Version based on HQ recommend.
• Upgrade SAMS BASIC software based on HQ recommend
• Monitor Access card server on daily basis.
• Check SAMS Basic communication server and its connectivity with Biometric reader and Control Panel.
• Create or Edit Access group for each company.
• Create / Edit / Modify SAMS basic client account for HR as per their request.
• Backup Database on Monthly wise
• Monitor server and update patch on monthly wise
• Check UPS CRAC Fire alarm - working status and make sure everything working fine
• Manage CCTV access permission
• Checking CCTV recordings
• In daily basis check all devices are working or not and make sure everything is working fine
• Grant / Modify permission based on the approval.
• Remove Proxy exclusion based on expiry Date or User’s Leave.
• Add/Edit /Remove PAC file based on new Clients system and Network HOD / HQ request
• Monitor / evaluate the website issue to confirm proxy issue or firewall issue.
• Provide information to users about policies and approval process.
• Coordinate with network team to make direct traffic or through proxy.
• Monitor Proxy server on Daily Basis.
• Monitor server and update patch on monthly wise
• Sharing knowledge to new joiners about Samsung IT security and make them understood
• Manage and control SGE 1st floor AV system make sure everything working fine
• Create Shared folder based department approval.
• Grant/ Edit /remove Shared folder access based on approval and User’s leave.
• Monitor each department shared folder usage and inform them accordingly to delete or backup, in case if they exceed the allocated limit.
• Provide login credential to each users based on the shared folder authority and record it on excel sheet.
• Monitor server and update patch on monthly wise.
• Store all the office software under this server for easy management.
• Keep Updated system software and drivers.
• Monitor server
• Monitor server and update patch on monthly wise.
• Add/Edit /Delete User details based on HR request
• Check vulnerability test as per HQ request
• Update License based on number of IP phone purchase
• Upgrade SCM based on HQ request along with Client IP phone distributer (Samcom).
• Backup Data base on monthly wise
• Generate report and Provide information based on HR request.
• Knox Installation /Reinstallation with adobe Flash Player, EPFTP, Adobe Air and Square
• Knox email Trouble shooting
• Contact HQ and follow up with them about new features and issues related to knox
• Install knox desktop on requested PC and provide basic information about its features.
• Add / Edit / Remove Click to dial features on PICASO system based on request.
• Configure or provide manual it on requested PC.
• Contact HQ for ID transfer or Delete purpose.
• Basic IE trouble shooting for EP system.
• Run Global ERP Env file to solve the IE compatibility settings for EP.
• Provide information like Password Management; Release locked accounts etc and its steps.
• Mobile Uready registration on Uready system
• Contact HQ to transfer User ID in case if it registered on another subsidiary.
• Software installation configuration on Mobile based on request.
• Add / Edit / Remove Global calling card features on PICASO system based on request.
• Configure it on the requested mobile.
• Provide information to user to get access on Knox on mobile and its portal.
• Once registration completed, provide manual or install it on the registered mobile.
• Contact mobile Knox team, if any unfamiliar error occurred.
• SVPN Installation and trouble shooting.
• Update SVPN manual based on the released versions
• Backup support of Security PIC (Approval process)
• Issue Access card for new joiners based on MENAHQ, SDLS and Cheil requests.
• Modify the access permission based on HR request
• Print Access Cards
• Purchase Access cards for SGE based on approval.
• Install S1 system client version on HR representative for their monitoring purpose.
• Sending weekly attendance report to SGE HR as per request
• Arrange Scrapping list and provide to Finance department for their approval.
• Arrange charity team and provide scrapped laptop without HDD and power adaptor.
• Half yearly Asset counting along with Finance PIC
• Remove All the HDD/SSD from the laptop and provide to security PIC for recording purpose based on user’s grade.
• IP phone purchase for SGE
• Keep record of IP phone (Purchase details and distribution details)
• Remove HDD/SSD from the laptop and keep it as per security policy.
• Handover above managers HDD/SSD to security PIC for recording purpose
• Upgrading to SSD HDD based on approval
• Arrange Hub and cable for Meeting based on approval.
• Provide IP detail and provide Manual to requester
• Doing onsite support as well
• Check LCD / Projector etc.
• Handling Different project like CCTV, ACS, G4S security guard, Intruder system, Meeting monitoring system.
• Take care of new projects
• Meet customers and vendors
• Propose customer with latest technologies.
• Project design and planning
• Coordinating with respective vendors for AMC, troubleshooting and RMA
• Test new systems before its implementation as per HQ request
• Radio bugger device test and replacement based on HQ request which is installed in presidents room and meeting room
• Mvoip test and report the feedback to HQ
• Web conference test as per HQ guide line and report to HQ

AED 12,000 to 15,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances.


• University Qualifications: Bachelors
• Nature and length of previous experience: 5 years experience as JD
• Age Range: NA
• Gender Preference: NA
• Nationality Preference: Korean
• Language Fluency: Korean
• Current Location: Anywhere

About the Company

We lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work.

ManpowerGroup powers the success of many of the world's most dynamic organizations. We deliver innovative workforce solutions that enhance competitiveness, increase efficiency and spur productivity. Combining global reach with local expertise - 3600 offices in over 80 countries - we know the changing world of work and bring a deep understanding of the companies we work for and the industries we service.

ManpowerGroup entered the Middle East in December 2007 after acquiring local company Clarendon Parker, thus bringing 15 years in-depth local knowledge combined with a global footprint and industry shaping expertise and thought leadership. Manpower Middle East supports clients in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Our business is aligned to key skill specializations to ensure our clients requirements are met by expert and knowledgeable consultants that understand your industry and role requirement.

Our consultants are experts in finding the right talent across all industries in a broad-range of occupations including:

  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas
  • Banking, Finance & Legal
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing, Public Relations & Communications
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Customer & Support Services (Secretarial and Administrative)
  • Operational, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Emiratization Solutions
  • Recruitment Program Outsourcing Solutions
  • Managed Service Provider Solutions
  • Talent Based Outsourcing Solutions
  • Outsourced Staffing Solutions

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