Pet Sitter / Dog Walker


Dubai, UAE

Work From Remote Location

Ref: SP687-01

Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

Looking for a pet sitter/dog walker to join FursnPaws, you must have a valid UAE resident visa to apply for this job. This job is commission based.

* Your responsibilities are to provide care for pets while their owners are working long hours or on vacation.
* You will visit the pet at the owner's home for 30 minutes, 1 hour or more depending on the client's requirement.
* If you are caring for a dog, a walk during the sitting session will be needed.
* Sometimes a stay overnight might be needed specially when a client is traveling for 2 or 3 nights and wants someone to sleepover with their dog.
* During your pet sitting sessions, you need to make sure you fulfill the pet's needs in terms of food and water, playtime, cat litter boxes scooping, walks, and informing the client of health issues if any.
* A car is a must for this job since you will need to drive to different locations around Dubai, and in case of emergencies you need to be ready to take the pet to the vet.
* What we will do on a regular basis is meet new clients and their pets before we start a job and take all necessary details about their pets.
* After the meetup we will have specific dates and times to visit the pet, whether a dog or a cat.
* You need to be punctual, very attentive to details and have a good connection with pets.
* This job requires you to have good experience with pets, you need to be punctual, reliable and trustworthy.
* It also requires you to be an energetic person as you will be active throughout the day, driving and walking.

About FursnPaws
FursnPaws is a small business that started 2 years ago in Dubai. The services provided are Pet Sitting, Pet Walking, Pet Photography and Stay Overnights. At FursnPaws the main focus is giving pets the nurture required in the absence of their parents, and provide all the needed care to fur babies around Dubai, while they stay in the comfort of their home.


* Able to manage different jobs in one day
* Excellent customer service
* Proficient English speaking
* Presentable
* Ability to take on last minute changes / jobs
* Punctual
* Trustworthy
* Attention to details
* Based in Dubai
* Have your own visa
* Pet handling experience
* Driving License with a car
* Willing to work on weekends and public holidays

About the Company

FursnPaws is a registered business, I provide the care and love that your pet deserves, and I make sure to update you on every visit. Services: Pet Photography. Pet Sitting. Pet Walking. Puppy Care. Quick visits & feeding.