Advanced Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - 3 Weeks

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Course Overview

Module 1 - Introduction to critical thinking and problem solving:

  • Balancing people processes and principles for optimal decisions
  • Business drivers that demand creative problem solving
  • Deciphering critical thinking
  • The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

Module 2 - Personal Thinking Styles:

  • Assessing your preferred approach to thinking
  • Identifying left/right-brain dominance
  • Identifying your own natural brain dominance
  • Determining non-dominant approaches
  • Managing thinking preferences
  • Avoiding quadrant bias
  • Bridging opposing styles Leveraging whole-brain thinking
  • Predicting co-worker profiles

Module 3 - Unleashing Your Creativity and Solving Problems:

  • Using Analysis and Prioritization
  • The creative environment
  • Setting the creative stage
  • The power of positive communication
  • Identifying elements that stimulate creativity
  • Eliminating barriers to innovation
  • Group creative thinking
  • Brainstorming options
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Dispelling personal and corporate myths Six hats (de Bono)
  • The iterative mind
  • Moving between quadrants
  • Valuing non-dominant preferences
  • Stretching outside your personal style
  • Recording the creative process
  • Mind mapping Charts

Module 4 - Systematic approaches to problem solving:

  • The DECIDE Model Define the problem
  • Establish Criteria
  • Focusing on outcomes
  • Leveraging blue thinkers
  • Consider possible solutions
  • Brainstorming Leveraging yellow thinkers
  • Identify best solution
  • Identifying business-critical ideas
  • Categorizing prioritizing and purging Analyzing for outcomes not solutions
  • Develop and implement plan of action
  • Overcoming ''It won't work here'' and ''But we've always done it this way'' mentality Leveraging green and red thinkers
  • Evaluate and monitor the solution Situation assessment Problem evaluation

Module 5 - Translating Creativity and Analysis into Practical Application:

  • Organizational politics
  • Recognizing the workplace culture
  • Maintaining outcome-focused goals
  • The influence of decision-making styles
  • Recognizing your own blind spots Self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Forming a coalition with style opposites
  • Deploying your decision
  • Clearly expressing analysis results
  • Ensuring organisational benefit
  • Securing maximum buy-in

Module 6 - Putting It All Together:

  • Integrating your solution into the business
  • Creating a whole-brain presentation
  • Strengthening your non-dominant position
  • Adjusting communication to thinking styles
  • Transforming confrontation into communication

Module 7 - Continuing your development:

  • Conducting self-checks Being persistent

Module 8 - Your Personal Decision-Making Toolkit:

  • Your personal thinking style
  • Your stakeholders' styles Flexing to colleagues' styles
  • Committing to your
  • Personal Action
  • Plan Checklists for success

Who should take this course

In just about any industry or any role we are almost constantly involved in solving problems. We make progress by constantly searching for better solutions. Each of us is different and therefore thinks in different ways. By better understanding how we and others prefer to think we can make better decisions and find solutions which work for the organisation as whole. In this workshop you will develop the skills to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. You will practice solving problems in groups using a variety of established techniques. You will learn good brainstorming techniques as well a show to improve your relationships at work by adapting your preferred thinking style to that of others and in so doing producing creative and highly effective solutions.



Course content

Team leaders, Managers Section/department heads, Project managers, Facilitators Consultants. Anyone who wishes to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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